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Why PlayStation VR2 Is Not Worth It

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Image credit : PlayStation.Blog The first-generation PlayStation VR was a ground-breaking device that generated a lot of buzz when it was released. No one is talking about its replacement, the PlayStation VR2, even though it has been available for purchase for more than two months. There are countless explanations for why it has destroyed the reputation of its forerunner. We won't, however, use it as the fall guy. Let's examine some of the elements influencing its appeal instead.

Why PlayStation VR2 Doesn't Worth Your Money

  • Limited Application
Horizon: Cry of the Mountain is one such game. It is now available as a package with the PlayStation VR2. And this game will set you back $599.99 if you want to experience the virtual reality world through it. Nothing private. Just business, really. This single-player game has received a lot of the studio's attention, resources, and money. We could gush about how well-designed the graphics and details are for hours. We can even predict that the game will keep you entertained for several hours. You must, however, make the decision as to whether the VR we are talking about is cost-effective. You can purchase and play additional games on the PlayStation VR2. So don't anticipate a broad selection. Once more, it is entirely up to you if you wish to spend $600 on this item. We genuinely believe that this VR product's launch has been purposely accelerated for some reason. There aren't many games related to ecology. So, its application is genuinely constrained.
  • Price
The PlayStation VR2 is $550 in price. Much more than the console it powers, that is. You might believe that the opulent peripheral has games pre-loaded. The trick is that there are no pre-installed games. But keep in mind that this is just the start of your expenses if you decide to acquire this equipment. To make your purchase worthwhile, you will have to pay for games.
  • Compatibility
The PlayStation VR2 is not backward compatible, which is another reason why we do not advise it. You can therefore move the previous-generation product and the games that run on it to the garage if you invested a lot of money on them. Until the Japanese firm releases an update, you won't be able to play them on this peripheral at least. Naturally, this item is not in the list of suggested items. You might concur with us or disagree. But the three things described above win out over the opposition. Although perhaps its successors will be more notable, in its current state, we believe it to be a pricey high-tech item.

By Awanish Kumar

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