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Why Is Your WhatsApp Not Working? Things to Look Out For

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular and overused applications that we use daily. With so many users, it is inevitable for the app to crash and malfunction. Of course, we choose to blame our device, but usually, it is because the service is down. At that moment, we think Why Is Your WhatsApp Not Working?

However, you can resolve these minor issues by paying attention to the usage of WhatsApp. Since WhatsApp allows you to send and receive different contents like images, videos, GIFs, audios, documents, and other files, it might overfill your memory. Hence, you should ensure these contents are not saved automatically on your phone; otherwise, you might run out of phone storage. You should also delete irrelevant content regularly to avoid clogging your phone memory.

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You should also make sure you are using the latest version of the app. So, open your Google Play Store and check for updates. Then, tap on the update button to update to the latest version. 

Moreover, you might need to clear your app cache to ensure your apps are functioning properly. Therefore, you might want to clear your cache from time to time. However, if still the problem exist and your WhatsApp not working, you should fix it by closing and reopening your app. 

Sometimes WhatsApp might not function due to bad network connectivity. In such cases, you should check your data connection or Wi-Fi signal. If your internet service is down, you should wait till the issue gets resolved. Those of you using a Wi-Fi connection should check if the router is connected to the internet. It will help if you restart the router. 

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Lastly, you should consider rebooting your phone (we know it is a bit of old-school advice). However, it is one of the first troubleshooting methods you should try. 

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