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Will Apple produce iPhones in India like China's Plus One does?

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Due to disagreements between Beijing and Washington over their respective policies, India may be the next location to produce the iPhone series.  This would be a dramatic move from its previous manufacturing location in China. China is also well-known for its severe pandemic response, which is enforced among production workers; Apple was previously impacted by this shutdown. Chinese manufacturers are well-known for their "plus one" policy, which considers alternatives for factory jobs in other nations as well as the supply chain. 'Ultra' model may replace 'Pro Max' in iPhone 15 According to BBC, Apple Inc. announced last week that it is already moving 5% of the manufacture of the iPhone 14 to India. This may lead to more future production taking place in the Asian nation. This decision may be part of Apple's effort to diversify its supply chain and help India become the world's manufacturing center by 2025. The action is also a component of the "plus one" approach that manufacturers employ, particularly if they are experiencing a drop in their supply chain and have their central manufacturing in China. While only a small portion of Apple's production is currently concentrated in India, there are signs that this ratio may increase and that country may eventually become the hub for many IT firms.

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