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Windows 11 Gets a Surprise Update: New Features to Boost Productivity

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Microsoft has surprised Windows 11 users with a massive update that includes a plethora of new features. While the OS has moved to once-yearly major updates, Microsoft is introducing new features more frequently. In this February 2023 update, there are several nifty new features that have a broader appeal. The new AI-powered Bing Chat is coming to Windows 11's taskbar, integrated into the search box. The ChatGPT-powered tool was revealed a few weeks ago and rolled out to mobile Bing and Edge users. To use the chat, users need to be enrolled in the Bing AI preview. The revival of the search box is another notable feature in this update, making it easier for Windows 11 users to conduct system searches. Windows 11 has added tabs to File Explorer and the Notepad app in this update. These features are a long-awaited addition for enthusiasts who have been asking for them for years. Notepad was also updated last year to support Windows 11's Dark Mode. windows-11 The new update finally adds the ability to manage iPhones from a PC. While Android users have been able to control their phones via the Windows Phone Link app for years, Apple's tighter rules have prevented iPhone support until now. However, Windows Insiders can use this feature currently. While there are several catches involved in Windows 11's new iPhone support due to Apple's rules, Intel's Unison app can be a better alternative to get iMessage on Windows, although it only supports Intel-based PCs. The Snipping Tool in Windows 11 has been updated to record videos as well as screenshots. This feature will be handy for troubleshooting or explaining a process to others. Users can start and stop recording with the click of a button. Also Read: Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT is now compatible with desktop The update includes energy recommendations designed to help users reduce their electric bills and ease the burden on the environment. Users can find a list of settings suggestions in Settings > Power & battery > Energy recommendations, where they can apply them piecemeal or all at once. These five new features are some of the most notable ones for power users. However, there are many other goodies in this release, as covered by Mark Hachman's coverage of the February 2023 Windows 11 Update. For those who want to dive even deeper, there is a look at 10 obscure Windows features that will blow your mind.

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