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Windows 11 Taskbar is Get to better for End-users

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Windows 11 Taskbar is Get to better for End-users-GadgetAny
window 11 taskbar update

 A year after Windows 11 arrived in October 2021, Microsoft is working on some improvements to the redesigned Taskbar. A new drag-and-drop feature for the Start menu is still missing, but the system tray on the bottom right is being refreshed to reflect how labels look in Windows 11.

Also, you can now reduce the amount of ‘Recommended’ files in the Start menu, but you can’t fully customize it yet. You can already test this improved Taskbar if you’re a Windows Insider member. Consequently, it will allow you to test out other updates Microsoft is working on, but the improvements may not arrive until after Windows 11 2022. Despite all advantages, Software giant Microsoft warns users about a new issue troubling Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.  

Microsoft taskbar update


Is it possible to get the “Recommended” pane next?

There have been many disagreements regarding Windows 11 – the Taskbar and the Start menu are arguably iconic parts of the operating system.

Everyone who has used a PC knows how the Start menu works, so getting the significant change that Windows 11 introduced would inevitably cause controversy. But, unfortunately, it has failed to acknowledge these complaints from some users to Microsoft’s detriment. Furthermore, the new Command Bar allows quick access to various features of the Edge Web browser

Almost a year has passed since Windows 11 was released, and the Taskbar has barely improved. An Ex-engineer at Microsoft also shared his experience of his dismay at the Start menu in a series of tweets back in the last month. However, the updates might not be helpful enough to lure consumers away from Google Chrome.

window 11 taskbar update

Ensure that some improvements noticed in the early version of the upcoming windows 11 updates are welcome. But, still, the recommended section of the Start menu is the most challenging part for many users. So, move forward to other options that are removed and have icons that cover the menu instead or maybe a couple of widgets likewise weather. 

Thanks to its improved features, Start 11 in Moment 2 will be updated by the end of this year as you can customize the start menu. Then, a utility can pull back menus from the previous window releases. This approach will be the best way to use it in the meantime while we wait and view what Microsoft has organized. 

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