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Winners of the ‘Oscars for watchmaking’ revealed

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Winners of the ‘Oscars for watchmaking’ revealed-GadgetAny
Oscars of watches

This season’s Oscars for watchmaking were chosen and included a broad selection of timepieces recognized for their engineering excellence and striking design.

A jury from the industry chose the best watches around the globe across 15 categories, including jewelry, Sports, and travel time watches. The awards were presented to the Grand Prix of Horlogerie de Geneve (GPHG) in Geneva in early March.

Oscars of watches
The top prize for the most beautiful watch in the world and the Aiguille d’Or Grand Prix was presented by the Chronometre Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1 from Ferdinand Berthoud. This limited-edition white timepiece, made of titanium and gold that retails for more than $200,000, comes with leather straps and is driven by a hand-wound mechanical movement composed of more than 1120 components.

Oscars for watchmaking

Online votes chose the Public Prize, and at select international watch fairs, The award was presented for the 32 bis Qai des Bergues from Czapek Geneve.
The top watches have showcased the Watches in Seoul, Rome, and Geneva before arriving in Dubai on November 15th to celebrate their victory in Dubai Watch Week and for oscars for watchmaking.

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