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With $52 off, the Sony LinkBuds is a great deal

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With $52 off, the Sony LinkBuds is a great deal-GadgetAny
Sony Linkbuds

Early this year, Sony debuted the LinkBuds earbuds, which have a distinctive open-ring design with a hole in the center to let outside air in—perfect for outdoor activity. Prior to Black Friday, the earphones are currently for sale.

Sony has reduced the price of the LinkBuds to $128 at a number of retailers, which is $51.99 less than the item’s initial MSRP and the lowest price ever seen. The LinkBuds are a set of true wireless earbuds with some of the standard features you may anticipate, like a case with a USB Type-C socket for charging and a battery life of 5.5 hours. But instead of an in-ear or on-ear frame like most other earbuds, it has an open-ring design.

Sony Linkbuds
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The LinkBuds are among the best earbuds for jogging, biking, and other activities when you need to hear your surroundings while listening to media because of their distinctive design. Additionally, it has a comfy design for anyone who dislikes the way in-ear earbuds feel.

In our assessment of the Sony LinkBuds, we scored the earbuds an 8 out of 10, praising them for their outstanding touch controls, snug fit, and distinctive design. The battery life could be a tiny bit better, and the charging case is a little bigger than with most of its rivals.

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