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With a new beta update, Garmin hopes to address system instability issues with the Instinct 2 series

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Photo Credit: TechRadar Beta Version 12.15 has been made available by Garmin for the Instinct 2 line. The latest upgrade, according to the business, is intended to solve a number of problems that appeared in versions 12.13 and 12.14. Garmin retracted both updates because the problems were so severe. Garmin keeps releasing Beta Program builds so that the Instinct 2 series is ready for a new stable update. The business has been gradually enhancing Beta Version 12.09, the first beta build since it made available its most recent stable update, firmware version 11.18, throughout this month. Although Garmin had attained Beta Version 12.14, both it and Beta Version 12.13 had serious flaws. Garmin Instinct 2 Standard Edition Watch - Vanhunks Boarding USA Photo Credit: Vanhunks The business has acknowledged that both beta builds damaged wellness data tracking and caused high battery consumption and frequent GCM disconnects. Additionally, according to Garmin, there have been some occasions when the compass calibration failed and displayed "000," as well as problems with saving or discarding operations. According to the firm, Beta Version 12.15 fixes these problems, but you should only update if you experience these problems with Beta Versions 12.13 or 12.14. To be clear, all Connect IQ content will be deleted after changing to Beta Version 12.15. However, as soon as the update procedure is complete, this can be promptly redownloaded. Furthermore, according to Garmin, the most recent beta release resolves problems with the HIIT custom timed number picker and racket sport data sections. For further information, visit the blog post from Garmin. In the upcoming stable firmware upgrade for the Instinct 2 series, Garmin intends to make the following modifications:
  • Addition of an obstacle course race.
  • In the Sensors & Accessories menu, a setting for automatic sensor discovery has been included.
  • Improved calorie-burning algorithm for swimming exercises.
  • During activities, improved voice instructions were played.
  • Fixed bug where while broadcasting heart rate, an abnormally high HR alarm could be triggered.
  • Unable to display Track Run alert distance in meters fixed.
  • Fixed bug where location was not recorded while logging a catch in Fish activity.
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  • Possible problem with the active Power Mode Auto Enable setting has been fixed.
  • The chance for the Edit Reps prompt to disappear during Strength exercise has been fixed.
  • It was resolved that only 8 timers could be configured on the Timers list page. [Tactical] Fixed a bug that allowed HR Broadcasting to be turned on in stealth mode.
  • Fix for Cycling FTP detection issue.

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