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With ChatGPT AI, video chat is now possible!

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Photo Credit: Search Engine Journal It can be entertaining to join a videoconference as your virtual self. Apple allows you to use Memojis during FaceTime to accomplish this. Avatarify will transform into Albert Einstein or the Mona Lisa for Zoom calls if you want something more ambitious on a different platform. What if, though, you could make an AI discussion come to life? How about by having ChatGPT converse with OpenAI's AI as if they were a CGI human on a video chat with you? Another restriction is that the real-time translation of spoken cues into visual cues takes power from the iPhone 12 or a later model if you want to make a video conversation with Annie. According to the developers of the software, conversing with Annie "face-to-face in real time feels more natural and faster than typing and reading text." The social media examples of video call interfaces that we have seen thus far, like the one above, present a reasonably convincing user experience. How One School Uses The New York Times Across Its Curriculum - The New York  Times Photo Credit: New York Times Despite the robotic voice and the need for improvement in the sentence pauses, Annie currently seems to be rather adept at carrying on a conversation. However, the responses are what you would often receive when texting back and forth with ChatGPT. Call Annie encounters can seem much more natural if given enough time and better voice training. For Annie, this is just the beginning. The program occasionally mispronounces words, but once rectified, users who have used it report that it also quickly learns. As one user put it, this was "scary stuff."The engineers are working to remedy another issue it has with pronunciation of words in languages other than English. The app's creators claim that because of ChatGPT's advanced capabilities, you may use it to assist you with a wide range of tasks, from learning and web searches to acting as a tour guide or even a virtual companion. Although we don't know if Annie is as intelligent as other virtual partner applications like Replika, you can have a much deeper conversation with Annie thanks to ChatGPT (and its extensive data training methodology). Also Read: Google’s Find My Device app now has a new look and feel The older Samantha project, which allows you to have an audio call with one such AI named Samatha, appears to be Annie's successor. Some Call Annie users claim that the ChatGPT-powered avatar argues that Samantha, not Annie, is its real name. The creators promise that it will be fixed quickly. The app's Settings section allows you to save the AI's number after installation. From Animato's official Discord channel, users can use the Call Annie TestFlight program to try out the more sophisticated features.

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