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With Earthing mat, enjoy walking barefoot on the bare earth.

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With Earthing mat, enjoy walking barefoot on the bare earth.-GadgetAny
Earthing Grounding Mat

Image credit : Amazon

Introducing Earthing, the creators of grounding mats designed to simulate the experience of walking barefoot on the ground. Their aim is to replicate the effects of this connection rather than the actual sensation. It’s a bit out there, so it’s like “Gwyneth Paltrow, pay attention!” because things are about to get a little unconventional.

The brainchild of Clint Ober, the Earthing brand operates under the belief that when your skin comes into contact with the earth, the planet’s electrons flow into your body. This process, known as “grounding,” is thought to have numerous health benefits according to Ober.

Earthing Grounding Mat
Image credit : Amazon

These benefits include alleviating conditions such as inflammation, pain, anxiety, insomnia, and poor sleep. The Earthing Grounding Mats attempt to bring these earthly powers indoors using materials like vegan leather vinyl-free PU resin, a 15′ cord, a US Safety Adapter, and a grounded outlet.

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Once the Earthing Grounding Mat is plugged in, Ober claims that it will infuse your body with the same levels of electrons that you would receive from the Earth itself. As a result, it is believed to provide similar calming and problem-solving effects.

Earthing Grounding Mat
Image credit : Amazon

The image above showcases the Earthing Universal Grounding Mat, which measures 12.5″ x 29″. It’s a medium-sized mat that can be conveniently moved around your home or office, enabling you to use it whenever and wherever you desire.

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Whether you’re in the kitchen cooking, at your desk working, lying in bed sleeping, or even on the toilet… yeah, you can use it there too. And don’t worry, you don’t have to stand barefoot on it. Feel free to sit, lie down, or even place it under your laptop to rest your arms on.

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