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With iOS 16.4, you can get some exciting updates.

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Image Credit: Redmond Pie It now appears that OS 16.4 may be made available within the upcoming days after much anticipation. The iOS 16.4 Beta is released to the public beta testers On Thursday, March 16 and some reports suggest that it will appear as the last beta version before its release. With the 16.4 beta update, many new features will be available. An update leak was discovered, according to the report. With this update, new emojis, an Apple podcast, and many other things are promised. Updated versions of Apple Books and Siri are available to users. There are several updates that Apple is worked for. Apple Siri: It was previously announced that the keyboard would also support Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Ukrainian, and Korean. Hebrew and Arabic voices are already available on Siri. Apple Books: The curling-page turn animation, which gives users the impression that they are turning a real book, has now been added back to iOS 16.4 beta 2 after it was removed in the previous update. A new pop-up that appears when you launch the app for the first time after installing the update is another addition made by beta 4 to the app. It informs users of the animation and gives them the option of turning it on or off. The changed interface of the Music app: Instead of a full-screen pop-up, users can now see the requested songs appearing in a small banner near the app's button. Users will be drawn to this because of the features that have been added to the iOS 16 beta. Camera update: The always-open display with certain focus mode features will be available with this iOS 16.4 update. More updates: Users will now find the option labeled Dim Flashing Lights in the settings motion menu. Any video that has strobing or repeated flashing lights will automatically dim when it is turned on.

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