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With its upcoming EVs, GM is blocking access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Image Credit: ET Auto Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not features of General Motors' electric future. In place of the popular smartphone projection systems, the automaker's forthcoming generation of electrified vehicles will use a native Google infotainment system. Owners won't be able to project their phone's screen onto their car's dashboard entertainment system according to the decision, which was first reported by Reuters. According to GM in a fact sheet outlining the new strategy, the choice is meant to give "seamless access" to the new Google-powered infotainment experience, which includes native versions of Google Maps, Google Assistant, Audible, Spotify, and more. Because of this strategic strategy, the company said, "we will move beyond phone projection systems, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto." The decision by GM to limit access to CarPlay and Android Auto, which is anticipated to start with the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV, would allow the company to better understand the driving, listening, and charging behaviors of its customers. Future subscription products may benefit from it as well, as automakers across look for ways to increase revenue beyond just selling cars. GM Image Credit: Michigan Advance GM underlined that the decision was primarily driven by the need to enhance future EV owners' navigation and charging experiences. For instance, the vehicle's native software can start warming up the battery as an EV owner routes to a charging station so that it is ready for a speedier charge. According to Kelly Cusinato, who oversees communications for GM's digital business, "this would increase range and reduce the amount of time a customer is at a charging station." "The car may know more information than the phone does." Reversing its stance from when it first announced its agreement with Google to include the tech giant's apps in its fleet, GM has decided to restrict Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. We questioned GM about this revelation and they responded that customers may still anticipate being able to reflect their smartphone on the display of their vehicle if they so desired. GM Image Credit: ET Auto Cusinato, however, emphasized that users of current GM vehicles equipped with Google would not lose access to CarPlay and Android Auto, including the GMC Hummer EV, Cadillac Lyriq, and several gas-powered vehicles. For upcoming EV customers, she explained, "the goal is to build a better, more seamless experience that will provide them with all they need and more in the long run." GM, which owns brands including Cadillac, Chevy, GMC, and Buick, isn't entirely removing CarPlay and Android Auto from devices. For hands-free conversations, voice texting, and music streaming, car owners can still use Bluetooth to connect their phones to their automobiles. Moreover, CarPlay and Android Auto will still be compatible with GM's gasoline-powered vehicles. Read More: Apple CarPlay will soon be available to Uber drivers: How to Connect the Driver App is Shown Here Over the years, Google has amassed contracts with significant automakers to use its in-house infotainment system. The tech giant offers two products: Android Automotive OS, which powers the complete infotainment system in cars, and Google built-in, which allows cars to directly integrate apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and the Google Play Store. While Volvo and Polestar have chosen Android Automotive, Honda employs Google built-in. Several automakers make use of each.

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