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With One Important Exception, Huawei's Mate X3 Foldable Is Better Than Samsung's

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Image Credit: Moneycontrol Huawei introduced the Mate X3 to the world with all the remarkable features and designs it is capable of, making it the first well-known brand to produce a foldable smartphone. According to certain sources, it offers customers a better experience than Samsung due to its smaller size, lighter weight, and bigger battery capacity. The limits between the US and China are still a substantial obstacle for Huawei's smartphones, despite the fact that they have made significant progress with their most recent release. Huawei's Mate X3 Foldable Puts Samsung in the Crosshairs In order to offer its take on foldable smartphones, Huawei recently unveiled the Mate X3, which features an amazing build and development. In comparison to Samsung's most recent Galaxy Z Fold 4, the smartphone has a slimmer body, a lighter overall weight, and a larger battery to keep the gadget running longer. When fully opened or expanded, the device is only 5.3mm thick; when folded in half, it is only 11.8mm thick. The device weighs just 241 grams, according to the manufacturer, which is another selling point. When folded, it has a 6.4-inch outer display and an extended 7.8-inch OLED display with 120Hz. By allowing an SD card to be used in addition to its Nano SIM card slot, Huawei also embraces the expandable memory capability. Huawei's Latest Release Has One Serious Issue Ars Technica claims that the Huawei foldable is a huge advancement for smartphones and has superior specifications than competing models. The US trade embargo against China, which bans it from using US-made technology like Google's Android and its apps, is the only significant problem it has. Also, even though it uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 to power its operations, its 5G modules were removed, thus it can only use 4G. Huawei Image Credit: Huawei Huawei's Ongoing Technology Development The US technology on which the Chinese smartphone and technology business, Huawei, is strongly dependent was gatekept from the corporation, which led to a severe difficulty with its operations. Despite this, the business persisted and focused on advancing its technology in line with the sector's current trends as well as providing fresh experiences. Read More: Huawei Will License Its 5G Technology After US Sanctions The business realized it had to create its own system to run the phone as well as the apps that would enable consumers experience the experience after losing access to Google Help and Foundry Access. This is the case with the well-known HarmonyOS, which focuses on a self-made operating system to power Huawei handsets after Android withdrew due to the ban. With the Mate X3 previously rated as one of the best foldable in the market, Huawei hopes to endure and deliver its technology to the world despite the extensive bans and inaccessibility to American technology. According to recent reports, Huawei's Mate X3 is a noteworthy gadget, but its one significant issue might limit its popularity and user base.

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