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Withings Unviels ScanWatch 2 And ScanWatch Light With New Health Upgrades

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image credit - techcrunch.com Withings recently revealed not one but two new ScanWatch models. Both are made for people who want a watch with health metrics but don't want a smartwatch that constantly nags your attention. Withings says that the ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light are like a mix of two different types of watches. Both watches can be ordered ahead of time right now. ScanWatch 2 costs $350, and ScanWatch Light costs $250. The full launch in stores is due to start in October. What makes the two watches different from each other? Let's look more closely.

News updates In ScanWatch 2

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The ScanWatch 2 looks a lot like its original. It has a big analog watch face and a small circular OLED display on the top half of the watch. On that screen, you can see things like short messages from your phone, information about your health, and other smartwatch-like things.

Size And Battery

It comes in 38mm or 42mm sizes and has a sapphire glass cover and a stainless steel case. It will still have a 30-day battery life and all its health benefits now, but it can also measure your body temperature. Also read - How To Uninstall Apps From Apple Watch

Temperature Tracking

The new ability to track temperature is made possible by the Withings TempTech24/7 module, which tracks your heart rate and accelerometer, the room temperature, and your skin. Using the new hardware, ScanWatch 2 will watch for changes in temperature during the day and at night. This will let you know if you are about to get sick or have other health problems.

Other Health Tracker

The watch can also measure how fast you breathe and your heart rate changes. The ScanWatch 2 will still check your oxygen saturation (Sp02), look for atrial fibrillation, have an ECG tool built in, and keep track of your activities and workouts. Withings is also adding cycle tracking so that women can track and log their monthly cycles and their different stages.

Color And Price

The ScanWatch 2 comes in either silver or black and has a 42mm size. In the future, you will be able to get a Withings in silver and white. The 38mm size will be available in silver and white, silver and black, rose gold and sand, and later, rose gold and blue. Withings is the only place to pre-order the $350 ScanWatch 2; shipping will start in October. 

News updates In ScanWatch Light

[caption id="attachment_192368" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]scan-watch-light-sand-rosegold-studio-eng image credit - edition.cnn.com[/caption] The ScanWatch Light is a completely new product from Withings. Except for a few things, it has all the same health benefits.

Temperature Tracking

The ScanWatch Light doesn't have the new TempTech24/7 sensor for tracking temperatures. You'll also have to give up ECG, alerts for irregular heart rate, and Sp02 readings for a lower price. Also read - Fire-Boltt Commando Unveils New Rugged Smartwatch for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Design And Display

The design is similar to the rest of the ScanWatch line in that it looks like a regular watch, except for the small grayscale OLED display. You'll still get a 30-day battery life and the ability to track your menstrual cycle, sports, and other health data.

Size And Color

The only size of the ScanWatch Light is 37mm. Silver and black, silver and white, and rose gold and sand are the colors you can choose from. Withings will soon have models with faces that are light blue and light green.


The ScanWatch Lite can be preordered from Withings for $250, just like the ScanWatch 2. It will be available for everyone in October.

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