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Woman Shares Her Husband’s Murder Story With TikTok Dance, Gets Trolled

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Woman Shares Her Husband’s Murder Story With TikTok Dance, Gets Trolled-GadgetAny

There is no denying that social media addiction exists in people. On a variety of social media platforms, including Tik Tok, a platform where users may submit videos, they openly disclose every aspect of their lives.

A common format on the app is to dance while narrating a story in “super texts.” The tone is often playful, but a woman recorded a video on a serious subject while dancing, which is probably how it works on the app.

Unexpectedly, she recorded a video in which she described the tragic event that led to her husband’s murder in great detail. She is currently being harassed. View the popular video here.

Yasmin, a Twitter user, submitted a video of a woman who made a ridiculous Tik Tok video detailing the murder of her husband. The dancing girl emojis and the statement “My husband was cruelly murdered” are present in the video. Twitter is going crazy about the video.

A woman may be seen dancing in the video of the song “Made You Look” by Meghan Trainor. The dancer in the video, Jessica Ayers, lost her husband to murder in 2014, just three days after the birth of their first child, according to the video.

The video’s dancing woman has text put over her that reads, “My husband was murdered and shot eight years ago. I had been postpartum for three days. The person who shot him was found guilty of manslaughter eleven months later. I made a speech on the day of his sentence. I related our love story to his murderer. I also advised him to keep my face in mind whenever he felt sorry for himself. It still ranks among my proudest life experiences.”

The video made many people uncomfortable

Naturally, the video attracted a lot of attention while also deeply upsetting a lot of people. The video doesn’t have a trigger notice and talks about touchy subjects like murder. The video has also received 6 million views since it was reposted on Twitter.

“The emergence of Tiktok and its ramifications have been a calamity for the human species,” wrote the lady who shared the video on Twitter.

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