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Workout Become Excited: Cycledesk 100 Burns Calories While You Play

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Workout Become Excited: Cycledesk 100 Burns Calories While You Play-GadgetAny
Cycledesk 100

Gamers who frequently find it difficult to decide whether to go to the gym or shoot zombies in Call of Duty can now rest easy. With its brand-new Cycledesk 100 gaming desk, Thermaltake is ready to help.

An adjustable height desk built for exercising is called the Cycledesk 100. It’s difficult to picture the engineering wizard who designed this desk. There is a desk that can accommodate a whole exercise bike. Undoubtedly, gym brothers everywhere are jubilant.

The height of the desk can be changed from 28 inches to 46 inches (72 cm – 117 cm). With the touch of a button on the companion smartphone app, you may customize your desk’s configuration thanks to the smart engine that remembers your preferences. Just keep in mind to clean the equipment after each use.

 Cycledesk 100
Image credit: thermaltake

The simple things, though, are what matter. Anti-collision sensors that halt the height motor as soon as they detect an obstruction, an RGB light strip around the edges, and integrated cable management are a few examples.

You may move the desk around as needed because it is supported by four wheels. Locks are installed on the wheels to prevent movement. Even a laptop holder with a side mount is present.

The Taiwanese business Thermaltake is best recognized for their stylish cases and PC cooling components. The company produces a wide range of gaming-related accessories, including outstanding smart gaming workstations. The company’s newest product is the Cycledesk 100.

 Cycledesk 100
Image credit: thermaltake

But despite what the name might suggest, it’s not just about cycling. Although Thermaltake wants to encourage your physical activity, you don’t have to place a stairmaster or exercise cycle in front of the Cycledesk 100.

This device transforms into an excellent height-adjustable standing desk if you like to work while standing still. Even a gaming chair could be rolled up to it and used like a regular desk. Keep in mind to perform some arm crunches while sitting.

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