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World's First ‘smart gun’ with fingerprint & facial recognition unlocking hits market

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The first "smart gun" in the world went on sale on Thursday. It has a life-saving fingerprint unlocking mechanism that keeps "unauthorized" persons, like children and criminals, from shooting it. According to Biofire, a gun-making company, the cutting-edge 9mm handgun shuts out everyone save the owner and users who have been specially authorized by the owner. This smart gun technology, they claim, might increase gun safety in the United States. The CEO of the Colorado-based company, Kai Kloepfer, told The Post that it "seems like the entire country is always processing a new tragedy involving children and guns." At a time when true answers seem to be elusive, we are providing one. Also Read: Review of Flow VPN: Has coverage from over 100 servers In less than a second, the $1,499 rifle can be unlocked using a fingerprint or facial recognition sensor. Then, it locks again when not in use. The idea, according to corporate representatives, might help avoid anything from school massacres to accidents and suicides as gun control legislation generally stays inactive in the US. [caption id="attachment_169542" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]First-ever ‘smart gun’ Biofire[/caption] "We don't guarantee that the Biofire Smart Gun will stop all instances of gun misuse. However, we do think that this tool can help lessen the number of firearm-related suicides, mishaps, and injuries," Kloepfer said."Our efforts will have been worthwhile if we can save just one child's life." After a shooter killed 12 people in 2012 in Aurora, Colorado, during a showing of "The Dark Knight Rises," Kloepfer was motivated to develop the weapon. “This Smart Gun was designed specifically for real gun owners who want a quality home-defense firearm that cannot be used by children or criminals,” said Mike Corbett, a BioFire advisor and former member of SEAL Team 6. “In a few years, I believe that the head of every household in America who wants a home-defense firearm is going to choose this Smart Gun. The locking mechanism of the smart gun could have deterred other school shooters like Adam Lanza, who used his mother's gun to kill 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School the same year, even though James Eagan Holmes, the Aurora shooter, obtained his weapon legally.

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