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X will now collect your biometric and employment data for this reason

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Image credit : CNBC In its updated privacy policy X has informed its users that it would collect the biometric info of the users including their employment and education history, Bloomberg spotted this development earlier this week. According to reports, the tech giant plans to use this vast pool of data to train its machine learning and AI models. The news comes just a day after the announcement of giving users the option to make video and audio calls that will work on iOS, Android, Mac & PC"  and that too without any requirement of phone number. The company further envisions that this data will be used to "recommend potential jobs for users to share with potential employers when they apply for a job". This would be to "recommend potential jobs for you, to share with potential employers when you apply for a job". [caption id="attachment_188389" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Twitter becomes X Image credit : Search Engine Journal[/caption] The recent development has given rise to the speculation that X may be planning to provide recruitment services. The new privacy policy will take effect from 29 September. It states: "We may collect and use your personal information (such as your employment history, educational history, employment preferences, skills and abilities, job search activity and engagement, and so on) to recommend potential jobs for you, to share with potential employers when you apply for a job, to enable employers to find potential candidates, and to show you more relevant advertising." With this new venture of rolling out recruitment service X seems to pose a great challenge to its rival platforms such as LinkedIn. Meanwhile X has clarified that it will be limited to X Premium users and the collection of biometric data incorporates person's physical attributes like a facial scan or fingerprint Also read : Elon Musk set to introduce audio, video calls on X for Android, iOS, PC, Mac; no phone number needed The company told the BBC: "X will give the option to provide their government ID, combined with a selfie, to add a verification layer. "Biometric data may be extracted from both the government ID and the selfie image for matching purposes. This will additionally help us tie, for those that choose, an account to a real person by processing their government-issued ID. This will also help X fight impersonation attempts and make the platform more secure."

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