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“You” star James Scully says he got crush on co-star Penn Badgley

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“You” star James Scully says he got crush on co-star Penn Badgley-GadgetAny
Penn Badgley & James Scully

James Scully, who played Forty Quinn in Season 2 of the popular Netflix series You, gushed to Page Six at the Gotham Awards about his co-star Penn Badgley, “I spent many days with him for six months, and every time I walked into the hair and makeup trailer and saw him, I would just sigh wistfully to myself.”

“So, I get it,” he added, “I understand,” referring to the reason why so many people have crushes on Badgley.

Scully, 30, admitted that he felt awful for the “Gossip Girl” star since Badgley, 36, has found it difficult to justify why people shouldn’t revere a vicious serial killer. Scully stated, “I just felt bad for Penn because he was like, ‘That’s sort of supposed to be the opposite.'”

He also remarked, “He’s doing all this work and I think he’s very conscious of the example he’s setting for young men. He’s sort of eager to clarify that this is the way you shouldn’t behave.”

Nevertheless, Scully acknowledges that producers chose Badgley to play the evil killer because of his appeal. He argued, “That’s why they hired him. This person can sell us.”

James Scully
Image: Variety

Additional details

According to recent Netflix announcements, the dark comedy/psychological thriller series’ fourth season will have two debut dates. The first half of the season will premiere on the streaming service on February 10, and the second half on March 10.

In the meantime, Scully’s career is progressing wonderfully thanks to his appearance in the ensemble gay romantic comedy “Fire Island.” Furthermore, James Scully, an openly homosexual actor, who was raised in Texas, told Page Six that he initially believed he would have to live a secret life and marry a lady who resided in the same area as him when he was a teenager.

He acknowledged, “I haven’t felt that way for quite a long time, but certainly when I was younger. In middle school, early high school, I was like, ‘I just have to find a super understanding, patient woman and we’ll figure it out.’ I’m very lucky that that’s not what happened!”

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