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You Will Have to Shell Out Extra Money to Share Your Netflix Account

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Netflix for the past few months has been trying hard to make its users get away from sharing passwords and build their accounts. The OTT platform has developed a new tool for a smooth transition that helps you to shift your profile to a new account. It seems clear how this is shaping as it is sharing details of sub-accounts in its calls. Netflix will let users create accounts under their existing accounts for others to use but not in the same vicinity by early 2023. This feature lets subscribers share their accounts with others and the company will continue to make revenue. Netflix Profile transfer tool can be used if the users want to convert their sub-account into an independent whole one. The company intends to stop people from sharing passwords but will charge them for the sub-accounts without outrightly stopping them. This process has been going on for quite a while now with sub-accounts tested in Central and South America in May and the results were encouraging even with some chaos. Netflix was even thinking of charging users if passwords were shared. The company mentioned having 2.4 million new subscribers this quarter and the income was at $1.5 billion which is down from $1.8 billion last year. It spoke about entering the cloud gaming section with 35 games already on Android and 55 more to come. Netflix The company seems committed to cloud gaming with the efforts they are taking to hire people for this. According to Mike Verdu, Game Development VP, players will not be using remote controllers but he declined to comment if they were controllers like Stadia-styled. He stated that it resembles Netflix Games on mobile. Verdu states that the company is serious but does not mention ETA on when we could get our hands on Netflix cloud gaming. Also, Read-  Spatial audio finally comes to Netflix

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