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'You'll always reside in my heart': Mom's horrifying words before stabbing her 8-week-old son to death

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According to court testimony, a lady kissed her infant son and toddler daughter, told them she would love them forever, and then stabbed them in the chest. The mother of the children is charged with murdering the boy's sister, 2, and an eight-week-old infant in July 2021. For legal reasons, the mother, who cannot be named, admits stabbing the kids but disputes the accusations. February 2 marked the start of the first day of her trial at Belfast Crown Court.

The woman planned to commit suicide after killing her children

According to the BBC, the woman called her partner on July 27, 2021, claiming to have killed her child and that her daughter was lying there "slowly bleeding." She also confessed to him that she planned to die by suicide. She then reportedly dialed 999 and told the operator, "I killed my kid for him" The woman's mental health was "an important matter in the case," the prosecutor said. Also read: Who is Celina Juarez? Mother who killed her baby while breastfeeding for not allowing her to come up for air When performing CPR on the infant, the mother reportedly yelled, "I can't breathe," according to a police officer who responded to the call "I wouldn't stress about him. He's gone. He was cut by me." The constable asserted that because the front entrance was locked, cops had to force their way inside the building by breaking down a door. Another police officer spoke in court about how the brothers received care at Royal Victoria Hospital together. The child was later declared deceased. The woman, according to the court, received treatment for "minor injuries probably self-inflicted" at another hospital. A huge kitchen knife was also seized from a bed in the living room where the woman and her children were located. A kitchen knife with a serrated blade and another knife were discovered in the kitchen, both coated in blood.

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