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Your Apple Watch may be more useful if the WatchOS 10 Widget Rumours are accurate

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(Image credit- Digital Trends ) The Apple Watch may soon feature widgets again, which, according to experts, could alter how you use your Watch. Widgets will be the main method of navigation for the watch in Watch OS 10, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Instead of opening apps, you can utilize the widgets to cycle through a list of features. "With the redesigned user interface, I see widgets becoming a central part of how users interact with their wearables, allowing them to see and interact with more and more information and apps right from their watch face," technology expert Steven Athwal told. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="940"]Apple to return widgets to the Apple Watch platform with watchOS 10 says  new report - PhoneArena Image credit- PhoneArena[/caption] This makes it easier for consumers to complete tasks on the go without carrying around heavy gadgets because users can complete more tasks with just a few touches instead of having to wade through numerous screens and menus or pick up their phones or laptop. Also read: All Info We Have Regarding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 The new Watch OS widgets have the potential to drastically alter how you use your watch. Apple originally used widgets with its watch but abandoned the feature in favor of a more streamlined user experience. Bloomberg now claims that widgets may return and resemble the Siri watch face that was first presented in watchOS 4. Theresa McDonough, a tech specialist, predicted that Apple Watch widgets will be "beneficial" for customers in an email to Lifewire.  

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