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Your Portable Office Cubicle is here, Get Privacy when you need it: WaddleWalls

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Your Portable Office Cubicle is here, Get Privacy when you need it: WaddleWalls-GadgetAny

The cubicle, an office without the stability, privacy, or comfort of a real room, is one of the truly soul-sucking inventions of capitalism. But what if the trend toward open offices has given you a shred of optimism that one day you might be able to escape corporate America’s formerly ubiquitous felt-covered half-walls? You can let it go because someone has created robotic temporary offices that can pursue you all the way to the edge of the planet.

Image credit: gizmodo

The cubicle’s transient status serves as a daily reminder that those who work there are transient as well. If a whole division needs to be eliminated, its offices may easily vanish overnight and be quickly converted into something new.

The robotic partition walls known as WaddleWalls, created by a team of robotics researchers at Japan’s Tohoku University, go beyond the transient nature of cubicles and partition walls by being able to travel, navigate, and set up a semi-private office space only when necessary.

According to information from a recently released paper, the self-contained robotic partitions can independently navigate an office setting using a variety of sensors, but they can also cooperate with other WaddleWalls units to quickly erect a privacy wall around a worker. Users of a shared office space may be more social in the morning to discuss the day’s objectives; however, later in the day, they may prefer more privacy to concentrate on their work or to avoid disturbing others with phone calls.

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The WaddleWalls units are currently called over by a special controller, which also allows for the vertical barrier’s height to be changed to increase or decrease privacy. However, specific layouts can also be pre-programmed in advance, such as a collection of private workstations for multiple users or a presentation display wall that can be triggered to assemble automatically with a minimum amount of manual setup.


Image credit: gizmodo

The main concept of the WaddleWalls isn’t wholly absurd for individuals who work in an open-plan workplace and frequently struggle to find a private space for a phone conference or video contact. The idea will eventually be expanded by adding more units that can instantly supply temporary desks, shelves, and even filing cabinets. Office managers might certainly agree with the idea, but what about employees? Imagine learning you’ve been fired as the cubicle you’re working in begins to abruptly disassemble and move. It’s a possibility that is equally unsettling.

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