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YouTube announces a range of new AI-driven tools for creators

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YouTube announced a whole host of AI-powered tools to help content creators gain reach to a wider audience on the video platform. “We want to make it easier for everyone to feel like they can create, and we believe generative AI will make that possible,” Neal Mohan, YouTube’s CEO, told reporters Thursday during the company’s annual Made On YouTube product event. “AI will enable people to push the boundaries of creative expression by making the difficult things simple,” Mohan added. He said YouTube is trying to bring “these powerful tools” to the masses. For example, the company is set to launch an experimental AI feature named Dream Screen that will help users in short video creation. It will enable creators to add AI-generated video or image backgrounds to their vertical videos. This move is seen as a way to take on its close competitor TikTok.  Using the Dream Screen feature is quite straightforward as the users just need to type their ideas for prompts to create background images. This way users can create the background of their own choice without unnecessary hassles. For example, users will be able to modify their existing backgrounds using AI tools, According to YouTube. [caption id="attachment_193999" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]YouTube Dream Screen Image credit : CNN[/caption] In a Dream Screen demo video, the company created backgrounds in a flash using their brief prompts. A user showed that he is in outer space or on a beach where the sand is made of jelly beans, according to the demos of the tool shared on Thursday. YouTube introduced a range of AI-driven tools for content creators, offering assistance in brainstorming, creating video outlines, and searching for music through descriptive phrases. Additionally, YouTube is set to launch an AI-powered dubbing feature that enables users to share videos in multiple languages. Also, the platform will launch personalized AI suggestions to help content creators in making videos as per the trends.  It will share with them the video suggestion topics as well. Moreover, an AI-driven music recommendation system will take a written note of a content creator’s video and recommend audio to use. Also read : How to Activate or Disactivate Autoplay on YouTube Music After the launch of these AI-driven tools, it will be interesting to see the way digital creators plan, make and draft their tools. In the face of AI-generated content TikTok has already rolled out labels to categorize AI-created videos.  With the help of YouTube Create app making Shorts will be quite easy, YouTube announced it at an event. 

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