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YouTube Announces New Linking Policy About Removing Links From Shorts

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YouTube Announces New Linking Policy About Removing Links From Shorts-GadgetAny

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YouTube announces new policies to stop spam and scams on its site. Links in YouTube Shorts comments and captions won’t be able to be clicked on after August 31, 2023. YouTube says this change will make it harder for people to send trash and scams.

The company will give creators a new way to share important information on their channel pages. Creators can start adding these new links to their profiles on August 10, and users will start seeing them on August 23.

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A new approach for YouTube Shorts 

YouTube is getting rid of banner links and replacing them with a new way for artists to show important links on their channel pages. This will let artists put links they want to highlight right on their channel pages, making it easier and smoother for viewers to get to important content. Creators no longer have to hide links in banners. Instead, they can put links in a visible place on their channel pages.

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Using content links to help people find content

In late September, YouTube will start adding content links to Shorts videos. With these links, people who make Shorts videos can link them to other Shorts. This can help creators support each other and help viewers find more content that is similar. The goal is to strengthen the YouTube Shorts ecosystem by making it more linked and integrated.

Better editing and linking features

With YouTube’s September update, artists will have more ways to link Shorts to other videos and use them in new ways. Shorts can be changed right in Studio Desktop by their creators. Also, they will be able to put links to similar videos in their Shorts, no matter how long those videos are or what their privacy settings are.

Also, creators will have a one-click button on their Shorts that lets them quickly link them to long videos, join multiple-part Shorts, promote live streams, advertise video sales, and try out different uses.

YouTube Shorts 

TikTok has taken over short-form videos, also called “vertical content” online, but YouTube Shorts and Meta’s Reels have similar features. Because of what it has to offer, Google’s YouTube Shorts has become one of the most popular in the world. It also uses AI to make vertical ads from horizontal videos. 

Back in 2022, Google was proud of how many people used Shorts, which had as many as 1.5 billion watchers logged in every month. 

Spammers and people who pose a threat are now trying to trick people into clicking on links that take them somewhere else or are suspicious and want to steal their information.

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