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YouTube Brings a Twist to Live Streaming with Go Live Together

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YouTube Brings a Twist to Live Streaming with Go Live Together-GadgetAny

YouTube has recently launched a new feature named Go Live Together, which enables creators to co-host live streams. This feature is currently available for those who have over 50 subscribers, and the host can invite a guest to join them for a live stream through their iOS or Android mobile devices. It is important to note that only one guest can be present during a live stream, but the host has the option to switch guests at any point during the stream.

To schedule a co-stream, the host must use YouTube’s desktop app and both the host and guest must have mobile devices. The process is simple, the host just needs to tap on “Create” and then “Go Live Together” in the YouTube app, enter the stream details, select “Invite a co-streamer” and send an invite link. The guest will then be placed in a waiting room until the host clicks “Go Live.”

Although there are no restrictions on the number of followers for guests, the host is responsible for ensuring that their guests do not violate any community guidelines. Hosts have the opportunity to earn revenue from ads that can appear before, during, and after the live stream.


YouTube already offered a similar feature for co-hosting shopping live streams, which also allows for redirecting viewers to the brand’s channel. On the other hand, Twitch recently introduced a beta feature named Guest Star, which enables creators to bring up to five guests onto their streams. Unlike YouTube’s mobile limitation, Twitch’s version is only accessible through a desktop. The process is also more straightforward as any viewer can raise a virtual hand, and the host can then invite them, similar to Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces.

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