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YouTube Music To Introduce Live Lyrics Feature Similar To Spotify

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image credit - blog.didm.com Google has finally said that live music will be added to the service. Live lyrics are a feature that Spotify has had for years. It makes it easier to understand and sing along with a song by scrolling the words for you as the song goes on. Google has been working on this feature for its own service that competes with this one. After months of testing, Google is finally making it available. To see live lyrics, you must first find a song that has lyrics linked to it. Then, go to the Now Playing screen and click on the Lyrics tab. The function will start to work. The updated version (on the left of the image below) is much bigger than the old lyrics screen (on the right of the image below), and the line of words being sung is highlighted in a brighter white as the screen scrolls down as the song plays. Live words were added to YouTube Music in version 6.15 for Android and version 6.16 for iOS. But, unlike Spotify, which is open to all users, this tool is still being made available to more and more people.

Youtube Is Getting Better

Even though the live lyrics feature isn't quite finished yet, it's still useful and could one day be added to all of Google's services, like Spotify. It's a good sign that Google wants to keep making its services better, especially since it replaced its long-running Play Music service with YouTube Music. [caption id="attachment_191809" align="aligncenter" width="1286"]real-time-lyrics-on-youtube-musi-e1681204974473 image credit - musicbusinessworlwide.com[/caption] Google has also been working on making it possible to find a song by humming or "recording a song that's currently being played" into the voice search tool. Google's help page also says that you have to hum or record for at least three seconds for the song to be recognized. Once it's found, the website will bring up relevant and official material from YouTube channels, "user-generated videos," or Shorts that feature the track. It's still being tested, and only a "small percentage of people around the world who watch YouTube on Android devices" have access to it right now. It's not clear if you can ask to join this small group of testers.  There is also a new program that will give people who work in the music business more protection against AI tools that learn from music and a new tab called Samples that has its own algorithm to help people find new artists. But if more of these quality-of-life changes are tested and put into place, it will be good for this medium in the long run.

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