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Youtube Rolls Out Video Page With New Elements

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Youtube Rolls Out Video Page With New Elements-GadgetAny

For the past few weeks, Youtube has been coming out with video pages with improved segments with unified design across iOS, Android, and the web with pill-shaped buttons.

The thumbs up and down and the like buttons come unified in one icon, and similar changes in the controls are used frequently, like the Share, Download, and Create buttons. The video title, hashtags, publish date, view count, etc., are underneath the channel details on mobile.

The ambient mode and the new design correspond by blocking the bottom of the video in the description section and status bar for a complete feel but can be enabled and disabled from the menu at any time.

The top comment is in a more prominent location, making it visible on the screen, which may inspire people to comment more. In addition, the desktop is slightly revamped with visual calls out for the videos, which the creators could benefit from.

YouTube is currently looking like the way it looked back in 2020. The changes are showing up to more users in a few days but are not complete; indeed, it seems like YouTube will be heading toward this new video page.

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