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YouTube Shorts to put Watermark when you download them to Reshare on TikTok

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YouTube Shorts to put Watermark when you download them to Reshare on TikTok-GadgetAny

The video post you made on YouTube Shorts and shared on other platforms like TikTok now contains its watermark.

Nobody can deny that Short-form videos have become more popular daily and becoming a matter of concern for social media platforms. 

Tiktok is the most preferred app by users in order to share short videos, and it’s the main reason for becoming a formidable competitor of Youtube shorts.

Yesterday,  a post shared by the YouTube representative revealing the new feature explained that the company wants the credit. For that, the company would start adding watermarks to Shorts videos when a creator downloads them. 

However, YouTube this time seems to be more precise about the cause of adding watermarks to its video as many creators will make short-form videos in one app, download their video, and repost the same video to other platforms.

A post shared by YouTube Shorts mentioned, “We’ve added a watermark to the Shorts you download so your viewers can see that the content you’re sharing across platforms can be found on YouTube Shorts.”

Although, the popular short-form video platforms are in a state of dilemma, as they are stuck between creators and viewers for sharing the videos from one platform to other. 

Additionally, cross-platform sharing issues are handled by social media in various ways.

Moreover, TikTok videos that creators download to share on other platforms have long contained watermarks and the creator’s username. By doing this, it becomes feasible for viewers to quickly go to the app to find the original video.

Furthermore, Instagram has not resisted abiding by rules as most of the reels people share on it are created on TikTok. And it contains the watermark of TikTok.

Last year, Instagram stated that it would not promote Reels if its a repost from TikTok as it contains its competitor’s watermark.

 In April, it went even further, saying it would tweak its algorithm to give accordance to “original content,” essentially pushing the creators to make stuff just for Reels.

The Shorts watermark will begin rolling out in the next few weeks on desktop and expand to mobile in the coming months, according to the post. So get your watermark-free downloads in before that!

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