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YouTube Tests the “Pinch to Zoom” Feature

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YouTube offers Premium subscribers a program that gives them access to the platform’s latest features that are still in experiment mode. Recently, YouTube added another feature to its experimental features page called “pinch to zoom.” The feature allows viewers to zoom into videos on-screen. Additionally, the feature works both in portrait and full-screen landscape views.

Pinch-to-zoom feature

The company says that it will test the “pinch to zoom” feature until September 1, 2022. Therefore, giving them almost a month to gather feedback from Premium users and make necessary tweaks to roll out the feature widely.  Moreover, Premium subscribers can enable the latest experimental feature in the Settings menu in the “Try new features” section. In addition, it is available on both the mobile app and the web version. However, users must have a YouTube Premium subscription to access the “pinch to zoom” feature.   YouTube Tests the “Pinch to Zoom” Feature On another note, only the zoom function is currently available for testing. Many users found a delay between selecting to test the “pinch to zoom” feature and actually using the pinch gesture. As a result, they could not zoom in closer on videos immediately after selecting to test the feature. But, once users toggle the feature on, they can zoom in up to 8x on all YouTube videos.  Additionally, there are many ways users can zoom in on YouTube videos with different accessibility functions on Android and iOS. Plus, it is easier to zoom in on a desktop browser. Nonetheless, an option to do so in the app is much more convenient.  Furthermore, many previous experimental features have eventually made their way into the full YouTube experience. For instance, the ability to voice search in a browser, easier playlist management, picture-in-picture mode (for iPhone and iPad), etc. So, YouTube will launch the “pinch to zoom” feature soon. However, it is unclear exactly when and if it will become available to unpaid members.

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