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YouTube to introduce unskippable 30-second ads to TV

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Image : YouTube If you aren't paying to remove advertisements, YouTube viewing on your TV is about to become more annoying. The most popular YouTube content being viewed on linked TVs will soon include 30-second unskippable adverts, as was stated during the YouTube Brandcast event on Wednesday. YouTube claims that instead of two consecutive 15-second adverts, viewers will now see a single 30-second advertisement. However, this does not mean that the shorter advertisements will completely disappear. Through YouTube Select, a curated advertising platform that focuses on the top 5% of YouTube content, advertisers will have access to 30-second ads. Longer commercials work best on YouTube Select, which, according to the company, receives 70% of its impressions from TVs.

“More and more, viewers are tuning into YouTube on the biggest screen in their home,” said YouTube CEO Neal Mohan during the Brandcast event (seen via Variety). “Viewers — especially younger viewers — no longer make a distinction between the kind of content they’re watching.”

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Additionally, YouTube revealed that it will begin testing advertisements that play when a connected TV user pauses a movie. It's been branded "pause experiences" by YouTube and is comparable to the pause ad option introduced by Hulu a few years ago. According to the AdWeek example image, YouTube's pause advertising will show up as a banner around the video and can be eliminated by clicking the "dismiss" button. Both the 30-second unskippable advertisements and the pause advertising have not yet been announced by YouTube, but we have inquired about the timing and will update if we hear back. Also read : New YouTube System Automatically Blocks Abusive Comment Posters The video hosting platform recently cracked down on ad blockers, which was followed by yesterday's news. Last week, YouTube announced that it is experimenting with pop-up notifications that read, "Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube," urging users to instead sign up for YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.

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