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YouTube Transforms Landscape Ads Into Vertical Video Ads Using ML

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YouTube Transforms Landscape Ads Into Vertical Video Ads Using ML-GadgetAny

Things You Should Know

  • YouTube is rolling out new tools to serve ads optimized for short videos. 
  •  Methods include customized templates and machine learning techniques. 
  •  Using machine learning, today’s landscape ads are dramatically transformed into vertical video ads. 

YouTube Shorts are a growing way to consume content in short video format, especially on smartphones. The platform generates over 30 billion views per day and 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users. It’s an immersive vertical viewing experience similar to TikTok, but there’s one problem with optimizing existing YouTube ads for this format. The user numbers here may be attractive to marketers creating video action campaigns.

Youtube Ads


The users are alluring to marketers creating video action campaigns, as they can generate additional revenue from YouTube short video ads. ”Square or vertical formats should be reformatted depending on how someone views YouTube. “

Recognize landscape display elements such as faces, key objects, logos, text, and motion. The video is further split into scenes and ML will recreate the vertical ad video from the landscape version, cropped appropriately in the middle. 

YouTube also offers four customizable vertical video ad templates, which are already available in the Google Ads video builder. These templates likely follow YouTube best practices, offer a vertical viewing experience, are fast-paced, and include transitions and music. Users can go to the Asset Library to try it out. 

Youtube Ads


The company states that users can “customize these templates to create branded vertical or square ads format in no time.”

The creation of the above machine learning techniques first targeted App campaigns, then Video Actions and Performance Max campaigns. Additionally, a new set of vertical video ad templates helps businesses create these types of videos from existing assets based on text and images. With the tools provided, YouTube also suggests the following tips for a successful campaign: B. Pay attention to pacing and evoke emotion.

The company believes that more and more people are streaming videos of different lengths across multiple screens, channels, and streaming devices. From Google’s own video platform, users come to YouTube to watch different types of content. 

Youtube Ads


Among them, Gen Z viewers are expected to watch a mix of short and long video content. Google notes that short videos make it easier for these viewers to find longer videos. This benefits video platforms that excel at both to varying degrees. It also helps marketers identify audiences with whom they want to share innovative promotional videos. 

YouTube’s new machine learning tools are of course a huge boon for some small businesses with limited resources to create different video formats.YouTube says video campaigns, including Video Actions, App, and Performance Actions campaigns, drive 10-20% more conversions per dollar spent through YouTube Shorts. Additionally, adding vertical video assets helps marketers generate ad content in vertical video format. Now the problem of taking over short film ads seems to be solved. Many thanks to Machine learning

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