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Youtube’s Experimental Feature Liveshare Lets You Share Videos via Google Meet

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With a Youtube Premium subscription, you can host watch parties through the Youtube app for Android until September 29th. The popularity of online services gained momentum with CoVid 19 restrictions where we could watch our favorite shows along with sharing them with friends and family. In addition, apple users accessed Share Play on Facetime, and Android users had access to Duo’s live sharing mode for Pixel and Samsung phones. Currently, Live share is only Android user-friendly but can be accessed through the web by signing in. google meet   And now Youtube wants to try a new feature called Live share that lets friends share videos while connected on Google Meet. If you are interested in using this new feature, below is the guide.
  • Go to settings in the Youtube app.
  • Click on “Try New Features”
  • Select “Watch Youtube Together With Google Meet”
Using the new feature is quite simple, as per Youtube. All you need to do is initiate a call through Google Meet and invite your friends and then open Youtube and play the video you wish to watch together. Once you are prompted to start a live session, click the start button. Liveshare   The Live share is a fun way to connect and a functional feature for companies for sharing training materials that can be accessed by many people simultaneously, literally everyone being on the same page. Youtube has not made it clear if only the host needs to have the premium subscription or all the people participating. Even though the experimental feature is available only till September 29th, here is hoping that Youtube will roll out this feature for all Android users soon!

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