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YouTube’s New Correction Feature- A Big Relief For Creators

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YouTube’s New Correction Feature- A Big Relief For Creators-GadgetAny

YouTube is the world’s largest video site, with more than 2 billion monthly users.  It has become probably the most popular platform among the video creators. 

Therefore, YouTube is all set to update and provide a new ‘Correction Feature’ for its creators. By using the correction feature of YouTube, creators can now update their published videos and add corrections without re-uploading.

Also, when a creator adds a correction to their video, viewers will see the tab pop up on the right corner of a video.

Previously, creators had to edit a video and reupload it, which would cause the creator to lose the existing view counts, likes, and comments. Also, creators can now pin a comment with a correction, but there’s no guarantee that viewers would read it.

“The feature aims to give creators an opportunity to add corrections while also maintaining engagement metrics and comments for their videos. Before this update, creators could address errors in a video’s description or comments,” said YouTube’s tech team in a video posted Tuesday to its Creator Insider channel. 

Additionally, YouTube also revealed on their support page that if a channel has any active strikes or if the content is inappropriate, the corrections feature will not be available for that particular video.

Although, on the official support page, Google mentions the way to add corrections to one’s video. Users must add ‘Correction:’ or ‘Corrections:’ and then add the timestamp and explanation of their correction. 

Also, the audience will see a ‘View Corrections’ info card when watching the video, so it will be helpful to the creators to show their corrections on that particular published video.

Moreover, Google is adding new features to YouTube to attract more creators to the platform. Recently, the company introduced ‘the Green Screen’ in YouTube Shorts which allows creators to remix their Shorts by adding clips from other videos.

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