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Zero Offers Riders EV Incentives Since Government Won’t

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Zero is taking quite a radical step by offering incentives on its bikes to encourage riders to switch to electric. The infamous makers of electric motorcycles announced that they will be giving riders an “instant incentive” of up to $4,250 as part of its “Go Electric” program on the purchase of certain 2022 models. The “Go Electric” program can be seen as a fixture for the present lack of federal tax credit that apply to EV bikes within the U.S. The “Go Electric” incentive will rack up to $3,000 dollars off the price of a 2022 Zero SR/S model or a 2022 Zero SR/F model, and combined with other offers, the discount could soar up to $4,250. Although the discount seems to apply to all Zero models, the smaller bikes like the FX and FXE will only get a discount of $1,250. While there have been various discussions about how the Inflation Reduction Act will apply to some EV vehicles, there has not been much talk about the tax credits expiring for EV motorcycles.  When the IRA came into effect, credits that applied to fully-electric bikes lapsed, as Revzilla’s Common Tread explains: ...the Inflation Reduction Act turned out to be a significant loss for electric motorcycling. “The AMA was very disappointed to see the entire electric motorcycle tax credit provision not only ignored but actually replaced in the bill and worked hard with the electric motorcycle industry to save the program,” said Michael Sayre, Director of Government Relations for the American Motorcyclist Association. “Ultimately, by the time this bill was introduced, most negotiations had already happened and very few of the many amendments that were proposed were agreed to before passage.” [caption id="attachment_116962" align="aligncenter" width="965"]Zero Motorcycles Image : Zero Motorcycles[/caption] The Inflation Reduction Act effectively removes the now-expired electric motorcycle tax credit system entirely. This is a major departure from the Build Back Better plan, Sayre notes, “which also included a tripling of the electric motorcycle incentive to up to 30% of the purchase price with a cap of $7,500.” Although excluding two-wheeled EVs seems like a blunder on their part, motorcycles are still seen as recreational vehicles in America instead of a feasible mode of transport.  If federal incentives were linked to a vehicle’s eco-friendliness, riders would be taxed for even purchasing scooters. Two-wheelers are epitomes of efficiency and productivity that applies to EV motorcycles as well. Zero also stated that the incentive will apply to its latest models in their showroom, but it seems like the discount only applies to bike models from the year 2022. Moreover, Zero did not specify whether the discount applies to 2023 models only, so it is possible that the incentive will not be applicable to the “latest models” of 2023.

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