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The electric unicycle is one of the fastest-growing portable transportation in the market. As a result, it has become a common sight in urban regions. Electric unicycle (EUC) is a battery-powered one-wheel cycle with two pedals. Also, there is a big fuss about off road electric unicycles.

But, what makes the best off road electric unicycles? Well, certain ingredients give a boost to off-road credentials. These ingredients include a highly effective suspension system, extra-large wheels, a powerful motor, incredible hill-grade, and responsive brakes.

However, before listing the best off road electric unicycles, we have considered all the above points.

So, here are some exemplary off road electric unicycles listed below; choose the best of a kind.

So here is the list of Best 7 Off Road Electric Unicycles

Veteran Sherman - 20 inches

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Best Premium off road electric unicycle

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What We Like

Incredible wheel comes with a powerful range and stability features.


Top Speed : 45-61 mph | Range : 128 miles | Unicycle’s Weight : 77 lbs Weight | Capacity : 330 lbs | Wheel Size : 20 inches
Motor  2500 W 
Safety  UL 2271 
Battery type  3200 Wh
Charging time  6 hours (up to 80 %)
Maximum slope angle  30 degrees 
Price  $4299

Veteran Sherman is the latest introduction to the electric unicycle market. This off road electric unicycle has shot to prominence due to its unique features. These features include 61 mph top speed, a whopping 128 miles range, and 330 lbs weight load.

This EUC includes an extra-wide tire (20×4 inches) that provides a firm grip to facilitate off-road rides. Also, the 30-degree hill gradient makes the off-road ride an easy deal for the Veteran.

Furthermore, a 2500 W powerful motor helps this EUC climb over craggy rocks. Nothing can rival the Veteran Sherman off road electric unicycle ability.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 
Balance and stability  Bluetooth speaker is not available 
Digital display  No dynamic lightning 
High controllability  Heavyweight 

King Song S18

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Ultimate Choice For Fanatic Riders

Image Credits: mykingsong

What We Like

aesthetically pleasing design


Top Speed : 31 mph | Range : 62 miles | Unicycle’s Weight : 48 lbs | Weight Capacity : 265 lbs | Wheel Size : 18 inches
Motor  2200W sustained. 5000W peak 
Safety  UL 2271 
Battery type  1110Wh, 84V with Smart BMS 
Charging time  6 hours 
Maximum slope angle  40 degrees 
Price  $1,999.00 

King song S18 is a worthy investment as it claims to meet rough terrain challenges efficiently. Also, it includes some great features, like 31 mph speed, a powerful motor (2200 W), and an extensive range (62 miles). In addition, S18 holds an aesthetically pleasing design. Apart from that, it includes a sturdy frame to give you the best off-roading experience with durability credentials.

Additionally, a 40-degree hill grade is a huge advantage for off-road adventures.

Moreover, King Song S18 includes some additional features such as 4X Bluetooth Speakers, Adjustable Pedals, headlights, and Rear Lights. Also, it comes fitted with a better retractable/folding handle and a superior suspension system. However, on the downside, it hits voltage sag very early.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 
Max 40 degrees incline.  The exterior is quite fragile
Padded seat.
Aerodynamic air intake system.
Adjustable metal pedals 
It includes 4X Bluetooth speaker
Excellent design and looks 

Segway Ninebot One Z10 - 18 inches

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Smooth Rides Over All-terrain

Image Credits: segway

What We Like

With its high-end efficiency, you can get a remarkable off-road experience.


Top Speed : 28 mph | Range : 56 miles | Unicycle’s Weight : 52.9 lbs | Weight Capacity : 331 lbs | Wheel Size : 18 inches
Motor  1800W 
Safety  UL 2271 
Battery type  995Wh, 19200mAh 
Charging time  10.5 hours
Maximum slope angle  25 degrees 
Price  $1,603.00 

Segway Ninebot One Z10 is a valuable gift for adventure and thrill seekers due to its safety measures. Riders with an adventurous mindset can reap the benefits of its breakneck speed of 28 mph with an excellent range of 56 miles. In addition, 18-inch tubeless pneumatic tires, mobile app, and IP54 water-resistance feature make Z10 a worthy investment.

Moreover, high-intensity front, rear, and brake lights can ease your ride in low visibility. Finally, off-roading is a top-notch feature. We advise you to learn how to ride a electric unicycle first and then after mastering the plain surface, go for the adventurous rides

Furthermore, you can trigger the “Carry Mode,” which prevents the tire from spinning and pulls out the bar, which helps in making it a portable EUC. And finally, it consists of built-in front and rear LED lights with a high-quality Volt Speaker.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
It includes a battery management system  Charging time is up to 10.5 hours 
Beginners mode 
Self-balancing transport 
IP54 water-resistant 
Mobile app connectivity 
Replaceable LED Lights 
Equipped with pneumatic tires

King Song 18 XL

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Best Portable Off road Electric Unicycle

Image Credits: mykingsong

What We Like

impressive all-terrain compatibility


Top Speed : 31 mph | Range : 50-80 miles | Unicycle’s Weight : 52 lbs | Weight Capacity : 265 lbs | Wheel Size : 18 inches
Motor  2200W sustained, 4000W peak
Safety  UL 2271 
Battery type  1554Wh, 84V with Smart BMS
Charging time  8.5 hours
Maximum slope angle  35 degrees 
Price  $2,050.00 

King Song S18 is a unique EUC model that can easily tackle rough terrain challenges thanks to its extra-large wheels and spacious pedals. In addition, S18 XL can easily fit into a slim and portable package on the back of its elegant design.

Moreover, this off road Electric Unicycle is a complete package of all the latest features. These features include a full array of customizable lights, a retractable trolley handle, a 4-speaker sound system, and Bluetooth for music and data connectivity.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 
HD Speaker with an amplifier  Must ride 120 miles to unlock full speed
Customizable RGB lights 
Improved Sustainability 
Audible sensors 

Gotway Monster V3

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Fast and Furious

Image Credits: ewheels

What We Like

With this one-wheel ride, you can cruise over hills comfortably.


Top Speed : 33 mph | Range : 96 miles | Unicycle’s Weight : 64 lbs | Weight Capacity : 330 lbs | Wheel Size : 22 inches
Motor  2500 W
Safety  UL 2271 
Battery type  84V/2400Wh
Charging time  4-5 hours
Maximum slope angle  20 degrees
Price  $2850(Approximately)

Gotway Monster V3 can commute at a top speed of 30 to 40 mph thanks to its 2500 W super-mighty motor.

In addition, you can squeeze a whopping range of 96 miles out of it.
Furthermore, the wheel size of 22 inches enables the V3 to offer a smooth on-road and off-road riding experience.

It comes featured with a massive battery, dual 5 W Bluetooth speakers, and two battery options. Nikola pedals and grip tape make riding smooth even in wet weather. Under-Handle Lift Switch allows users to lift the wheel for curbs and stairs. Also, it can withstand a max load of 330 lbs.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 
Incredible design A bit pricey
Safe riding
Integrated with dual 5W Bluetooth speakers and LED front lights
Two battery options
Fold up the trolley 

InMotion V12 Electric Unicycle - 16 inches

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An Ultimate Trail One-wheel Ride

Image Credits: euco

What We Like

This Inmotion V12 will make your ride more comfortable overall terrain.


Top Speed : 43.5 mph | Range : 60-70 miles | Unicycle’s Weight : 63 lbs | Weight Capacity : 264 lbs | Wheel Size : 16 inches
Motor  2500 W 
Safety  UL 2271 
Battery type  1750 Wh, 100.8V 
Charging time  4.5  hours 
Maximum slope angle  35 degrees 
Price  $2,299.00 

InMotion V12 electric unicycle can unlock an impressive speed of 43.5 mph, and it holds the ability to tackle all challenges of the hill and glacial landforms. Also, it includes adjustable pedal heights and a trolley handle to facilitate portability.

In addition, the V12 consists of an excellent Bluetooth Speaker with ultra customizable RGB lighting. And finally, a combination of low and high beams adds utility to this electric unicycle.

Moreover, the availability of a USB-A charging port and an Anti-Spin Lift Sensor make it a viable choice as an off road electric unicycle. And lastly, V12 equips a first Touch Screen which allows you to control and monitor stats. As a result, you can track speed, temperature, and battery status.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Equipped with high and low beam  Slow charging 
Front, rear, and side RGB lights Slow braking mode
Built-in Bluetooth music playback It wobbles at high-speed 
Animated LED’s 
No hollow motor issues 
Superior construction and exterior 

Gotway MCM5 - 14 inches

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Best Choice For Moderate Level Riders

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What We Like

Its high-end performance and hill-climbing ability make it apart from others.


Top Speed : 27.96 mph | Range : 18-25 miles | Unicycle’s Weight : 37.25 lbs | Weight Capacity : 220 lbs | Wheel Size : 14 inches
Motor  1500 W 
Safety  UL 2271 
Battery type  460Wh 84V
Charging time  2 hours with 5A fast charger, DC 84V * 2.5 Amp 
Maximum slope angle  30 degrees 
Price  $1,499.00 

Gotway MCM can live up to your expectations if you are looking for a moderate-speed off road electric unicycle with a tremendous off-road performance package. Also, this 14-inch wheel equipped with a 1500 W powerful motor can take your ride to the next horizon. In addition, MCM5 excels in portability thanks to its lightweight feature and extendable trolley handle.

Moreover, MCM5 has won accolades for its hill climbing and off-road riding abilities. A combination of raised pedal heights and a 1500 W motor has made it a genuine off road electric unicycle. And finally, RGB lights, app configuration, and tilt-back safety features add versatility to this lightweight model. Bluetooth speaker and anti-spin sensor are complimentary benefits.

Moreover, the availability of a USB-A charging port and an Anti-Spin Lift Sensor make it a viable choice as an off road electric unicycle. And lastly, V12 equips a first Touch Screen which allows you to control and monitor stats. As a result, you can track speed, temperature, and battery status.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
High torque motor Wheel size is small
Lightweight Not waterproof
Top-speed is good enough

Final words

We hope the above information satisfies your concerns regarding the best off road electric unicycle. Stay tuned for the latest technology updates and round-up of technical advancements. Also, please chime in with your views about our top picks regarding the off road electric unicycles.


Electric unicycles are more prioritized over other e-vehicles. They are tiny, reliable, and fun to ride. The concept of electric unicycles wholly and solely depends on self-balancing. In recent times, unicycling has become a recreational pastime. It keeps you fit and improves your blood circulation.

An electric unicycle is a self-balancing vehicle with a single wheel controlled by a motor. It is viewed as an individual carrier since it can generally serve a single rider. It subsists on the gyro-stabilization technique to keep the rider balanced.

Learning an Electric Unicycle might get tricky if you have never driven any E-cycle or hoverboard before. However, if you want to learn a EUC, it would probably take days or even months. However, after a few days of practice, you might achieve the art of riding a EUC.