10 One wheeled hoverboards For Every Adventure Lover in 2023

Best One wheel Hoverboards

Image Credits: Onewheel

Seeing anyone cruising the roads on one wheel hoverboards, you’ll think what a fantastic electric transport device this is. However, most people are passionate about electric vehicles (Hoverboard, unicycle, electric scooter, etc.), but one wheeled electric hoverboards are one of the most remarkable types of transportation. The young generation is fond of this brilliant discovery with self-balancing sensors and many more amazing features. Choosing ideal hoverboards might be difficult for you? However, you need not worry about it as we will help you out with this article based on thorough research, reviews, and factual analysis. You should assess the top speed, average charge time, and durability while picking one. In this guide, we shall discuss the best one wheeled hoverboards. So, you can pick an ideal one from the best one wheel electric vehicle for yourself without any hassle here.

10 best One wheeled Hoverboards List

Trotter T3 - 21.5 mph

Fastest in One Wheeled Hoverboards

Trotter T3 - Trotter Magwheel

Image Credits: Trotter

High speed and outstanding features


Top Speed : 21.5 mph | Range : 19-21 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight : 35.3 lbs | Weight Capacity : 265 lbs | Wheel Size : 12 inches
Safety Standards Ul2272
Motor 60V 1500W brushless motor 
Battery  7 Ah 
Charging time  3 hours 
Maximum Slope angle  More than 30 degrees 
Additional Features  Powerful self-balancing system
Price $1199.00

Thanks to its astonishing features, which make it the best among all one wheel hoverboards. In addition, it has run-flat tires, which offer a smooth ride over all-terrain. Although the T3 is the most upgraded model of the Trotter series, it has progressed significantly and beat many models in the market.

Moreover, the T-3 model is designed for adventurous or proficient players and racers who love the fastest speed and thrill. Moreover, the T3 is lightweight, and you can take it to any place you go on your vacation. However, if you are looking for the best off-road one-wheel hoverboard, this is the best choice. And finally, this feature-packed mobility device takes a short charging time of 3 hours to yield an exceptional range of 19-21 miles.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Solid aluminum frame A little pricey
Top-speed is good

One-wheel GT off-road by Future motion -20 mph

Best one wheeled hoverboard for Teenagers and Adults

One-wheel GT off-road by Future motion

Image Credits: Future motion

Strikes the perfect balance with dynamic speed and range.


Top Speed :20 mph | Range : 20-30 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight : 35 lbs | Weight Capacity : 275 lbs | Wheel Size : 11.5 in x 6.5 in
Safety Standards UL2272
Motor 750 W
Battery  21700 Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) cells
Charging time  200 Minutes 
Maximum lean angle  30 degrees
Additional Features  Concave footpads and brighter LEDs lights for maximum 
Price $2200

You can eliminate the boredom with this one-wheel hoverboard, packed with concave footpads, gripper grip tape, and custom rubber tires. However, this device delivers more power, extra range, and high controllability for an epic adventure.

In addition, it is equipped with 21700 batteries to meet the peak performance over all terrain. And lastly,, you will find the high-beam LED lights to allow you to travel freely in low visibility.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons 
3-horsepower one-wheel  A little pricey
Front and back Led lights 
Connect with friends via an app

Onewheel+ XR -19 mph

Ultimate One Wheeled Hoverboard Choice for Off roading

Onewheel+ XR

Image Credits: Onewheel

The self balance technology adds extra balance and stability to the rider


Top Speed : 19 mph | Range : 12-18 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight : 27 lbs | Wheel Size : 11.5in x 6.5in
Safety Standards UL2272
Motor 750 W
Battery  Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide
Charging time  1 hour
Maximum Slope angle  Intelligent headlights and mobile app connectivity
Additional Features  LED lights
Price $1499.00

The Onewheel+ XR is the latest model from Future Motion. However, it comes with diverse riding modes inside an authority application and implicit LED lights on one or the flip side.

This OneWheel + XR has a hyper-core motor and premium radiator shaft. Hence, this electric transport device is easy to ride and control. Besides, probably the best thing is that this is one of the electric one wheeled hoverboards that doesn’t need a controller. You can change the direction of the board with a slight inclination.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Less charging time  Heavier and bulkier
Great power and torque Inconvenient to travel 
Larger deck

One Wheel Pint X Future motion - 18 mph

An Ultimate Choice for a Day Adventure and Journey

Image Credits: Future motion

Impressive performance on the smooth and rough road as well


Top Speed : 18 mph | Range : 12-18 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight : 27 lbs | Weight Capacity : 250 lbs | Wheel Size : 10.5in x 4.5-6in
Safety Standards UL2272
Motor 750 W
Battery  Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide
Charging time  225 minutes 
Maximum Slope angle  30 degrees 
Additional Features  Magnetic fenders
Price $1400.00

The Onewheel Pint X lets you ride effectively and rapidly in and out of town. This series of One Wheel Hoverboards doesn’t require any controller. Everything is equal; you incline forward to push ahead and recline to slow and stop. Other impressive features include a strategically located attractive handle, and a light bar for battery charging makes things easy.

They offer magnetic fenders to protect you from bumpy areas to make your ride more comfortable over all-terrain. Moreover, attractive handles and the backpack make it possible to take it with you wherever you go.

Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons 
The Remote control is not necessary  A bit expensive 
Magnetic handles make it easily portable 
SimpleStop Technology promotes easy learning

Magwheel Trotter T2 -16 mph

Best in one wheel hoverboards for Moderate level Riders

Image Credits: Trotter

Powerful range and water-resistant


Top Speed : 16 mph | Range : 21-25 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight : 32 lbs | Weight Capacity : 90 lbs | Wheel Size : 11.5 inches
Safety Standards UL2272
Motor 60V 1000W brushless motor
Battery  7Ah 
Charging time  3-4 hours
Maximum Slope angle  30-degree
Additional Features  Water-resistant
Price $999

Trotter T2 is the best choice for advanced or pro riders thanks to its unique feature and performance. Its in-built features and excellent engineering enable it to tackle different territories of streets and mountains.

Moreover, this one-Wheel T-2 does not need any remote control. It is easy to get the hang of this mobility device. You need to figure out how to tilt forward to move ahead, lean back to slow and stop.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Suitable for all-terrain  Not a good choice for beginners
Super Elastic footpads 
IP 65 Water-resistant 

Magwheel Trotter T1-LH - 13 mph

Best in one wheel hoverboards for All-terrain

Magwheel Trotter T1 LH

Image Credits: Trotter

Excellent range and superior performance over all types of landscapes.


Top Speed : 13 mph | Range : 25-27 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight : 32 lbs | Weight Capacity : 265 lbs | Wheel Size : 11.5 inches
Safety Standards UL2272
Motor 48V 700W brushless
Battery  10.5 Ah
Charging time  4 hours 
Maximum Slope angle  30-degree 
Additional Features  LED lights
Price $899

The T-1 LH is the upgraded model of the T-1. Also, you can enjoy the ride with your loved ones through coastlines, mountains, and roadways. If you want to make your drive more joyful over all-terrain, T1-LH is the perfect pick.

This one wheel hoverboard is a land-surfing hoverboard intended for youngsters who love sports. Furthermore, this is one of the thinnest one wheel hoverboards even as thin as rail which is the best thing about this ride. As a result, avoiding busy walkways and sidewalks is quite easy.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Amazing flexibility  Not a good choice for beginners 
LED lights 

Magwheel Trotter T1 - 13 mph

Best one wheel hoverboard for Beginners

Image Credits: Trotter

The fastest speed with intersection the timberland well


Top Speed : 13 mph | Range : 11-15 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight :31 lbs | Weight Capacity : 265 lbs | Wheel Size : 11 inches
Safety Standards UL2272
Motor 700 W
Battery  5.2 Ah 
Charging time  2 hours
Maximum Slope angle  30 degrees 
Additional Features  Easily handle to all irregular path
Price $699

The Trotter T1 offers a fun, smooth-riding feel and can tackle all bumpy roads easily. If you need an excellent method for voyaging on rough terrains without any second thought, pick this one.

T-1 one wheel hoverboard is appropriate for all ages, particularly beginners and kids. On and off-road compatibility and super-intuitive “Lean-N-Go” design ((forward/backward movement, acceleration/deceleration, braking, etc.) make T1 a valuable choice. And finally, with Trotter T1, you feel like rushing through the air while in motion.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to operate and learn High-speed is low
Large tire offers a comfortable ride
Super portable

Surfwheel SU/HX One +4 Wheels Electric One Wheel Hoverboard - 12 mph

Best one wheel hoverboard for daily commute

Image Credits: Surfwheel

Smart 360 LED lighting system and Patented drifting tire tread make it stand apart from others.


Top Speed : 12 mph | Range : 12 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight : 19.1 lbs | Weight Capacity : 220 lbs | Wheel Size : 5 inches
Safety Standards UL2272
Motor 250 W
Battery  1-lithium ion battery
Charging time  2-4 hours (near about)
Maximum Slope angle  It depends upon the speed 
Additional Features  LED lights
Price $449.00

Surfwheel is one of the best choices for daily commutes. However, the remarkable feature of this electric one wheel hoverboards series includes many performance-boosting innovations. For example, it comprises a self-balancing algorithm to simulate surfing moves. As a result, riders can deftly change the movement mode, track the speed, change the LED lights, or check battery life through the mobile application.

Riding becomes adventurous when you are on a Surfwheel. Moreover, the LED light illuminates your way and allows you to move comfortably at night.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The battery is easily removable and replaceable  Not a good choice for all-terrain 
The LED light wheel can illuminate 360-degree range.
Suitable for urban areas 

SkootRider One-wheel Hoverboard

Best one wheel hoverboard for Daily Commutes

SkootRider One-wheel Hoverboar

Image Credits: SkootRider

High-end battery and upgraded self-balancing technology make it capable of tackling all-terrain.


Top Speed : 10 mph | Range : 15 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight : 22.1 lbs | Weight Capacity : 265 lbs | Wheel Size : 10 inches
Safety Standards UL 2272
Motor 750 W
Battery  1 lithium-ion battery
Charging time  2 hours
Maximum Slope angle  20-40 degrees
Additional Features  can easily tackle all road challenges
Price $875.00

If you love to endure the most challenging landscape and different climate conditions, you should think about this hoverboard. The added features empower the board to go through water puddles, wet surfaces, and you can ride it amid light rain too. On top of all, 265 lbs weight load, 15 miles range, and 1-year warranty make SkootRider a viable choice for land surfing.

This hoverboard is the best pick among one wheel hoverboards for the adventurous and thrilling ride as it can efficiently tackle uphill, downhill, sidehill, and any place you want to go.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Water-resistant Heavyweight
Top-speed is good  Bluetooth connectivity is not available 
Less charging time 

LTXTREME FreeStyle Hoverboard

Best one wheel hoverboard Choice for kids

LTXTREME FreeStyle Hoverboard

Image Credits: LTXTREME

Freestyle hoverboard and Bluetooth enabled speakers


Top Speed : 7 mph | Range : 6.5 miles | Hoverboard’s Weight : 10 lbs | Weight Capacity : 220 lbs | Wheel Size : 6.5 inches
Safety Standards UL2272
Motor Rechargeable 33v lithium-ion battery
Battery  33V lithium-ion battery
Charging time  minutes 
Maximum Slope angle  It depends upon the speed
Additional Features  Led lights and Bluetooth speakers
Price $324.66

LTXTREME is slightly different from the one-wheel hoverboard. It has two tires. Also, riding a snowboard and carrying it to the road gives you the ultimate experience.

With all its amazing features, you can configure your smartphone with the Free-Style’s Bluetooth-empowered speakers and enjoy cherished music as you traverse the pavements.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Bluetooth Connectivity Low high-speed
Digital Monitor Low high range

10 Best One wheel Hoverboards Video

Buyers Guide for One wheeled Hoverboards

Image Credits: Popular science

We have reviewed the top ten one wheel hoverboards with superb performance and top-notch quality. Now you must choose one based on your riding needs and objectives. We are here with the essential aspects you should keep in mind while selecting one wheel hoverboards.

Know who Your Rider is. The age and weight of the rider are the two most critical elements to consider when purchasing one wheel hoverboards for the first time or upgrading to a newer model. If you want to buy a hoverboard for your child, seek hoverboards with a max speed limit of 5 to 7 mph.

Concerns about Safety Certification According to UL 2272, Hoverboard safety considerations are a must for self-balancing one wheel hoverboards riders. All firms that make UL-certified hoverboards have considered this. When a hoverboard is UL 2272 certified, it implies that UL (Underwriter Laboratories) has thoroughly tested it and confirmed that it complies with all of the UL 2272 regulations.

The Size of Your Wheels Is Important The size of the one wheel hoverboard tire has a significant impact on whether you can ride your board indoors or outside. When comparing hoverboard characteristics, the overall specs are similar, but the size of their wheels differs significantly.

Capacity for Weight Both Interbrand and intra brand variants of one wheel hoverboards have different weight capacities. Before buying a hoverboard for your child, be sure the self-balancing scooter can support a weight of roughly 130 pounds. The weight of 130 lbs is equivalent to the smaller hoverboards (4.5 inches and 6.5 inches).

The speed, range, battery, and other features are also essential while selecting the hoverboards.


Is it tough to ride one-wheeled hoverboards?

With a little training and practice, anyone can ride one wheel. One-wheel is full of technical aspects that actively help you maintain your balance. Becoming a pro with any device or sport takes time and effort, although most individuals pick up the basics within the first 15 minutes.

What is the best age to ride one wheel hoverboards?

Riders aged 14 and over are suggested to use one wheels. Lighter riders may find it difficult to strike the balance and control the board. To eliminate this problem, test one out to be sure your youngster can ride securely. You can resort to one-wheel demos before buying it.

Is it possible to take one-wheels off-road?

One wheel hoverboards are well capable of going off-road. These can go on dirt, sand, grass, and gravel. One wheel+ XR is the king of shredding trails. If you’re serious about riding off-road hoverboards Pint isn’t frightened of such challenges either.


Hopefully, the above information is helpful for you to pick the best one wheel hoverboards. Stay tuned with us to keep abreast of the latest advancements in the technological world. Also, if you have any queries related to any of our top picks, drop them in the comment box.

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