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Pacum: Time to end the struggle with space

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Pacum: Time to end the struggle with space-GadgetAny

Pacum vacuum is the most powerful, multi-functional, handy vacuum & air pumping device in the world. Talking about its size, it packs a mighty punch with capabilities of compressing items 25% more than the other vacuum brand’s, and 4x active than any device in its class. This amazing vacuum outstanding Pacum will compress a vac bag full of clothes in just over a minute!

pacum vacuum

Take It Here. Bring It There. Pacum Can Go Anywhere.
Seriously though for being as small as it is, Pacum packs a tremendous punch, It is about half the size of an iPhone X, you can carry Pacum ANYWHERE, in ANYTHING with ease, making it your new essential travel tool.

The Most Versatile Multi-functional Device On The Market
So you think Pacum is just a vacuum? Think again!
Not only can it hold the air out, though it can PUMP AIR IN!
Going to chill out at the pool? Pacum will blow up your inflatables…
Do your kids need to blow up some basketballs before practice? Boom. We got you!

  • Flexible & Compatible
    If you already have some vacuum bags at home? No problem!
    Pacum vacuum comes with our brand vac bags & accessories but you will also be equipped with our “Padaptor”, making any actual vacuum bags you own compatible with Pacum!With your order you will receive at least one of each of the following items:
  • Pacum Device
  • Padaptor
  • Pacum Bag
  • USB Type-C Line
  • 3 Inflatable accessories in each bagWhat Can Pacum Compress?
    Food Storage Bag
    Other Brand Vacuum Bags

Pacum Bag Protection

A journey is fun, but what are you going to do when you need to carry all the dirty, sweaty clothes you wore during the trip? The Pacum bag takes care of this annoying problem, keeping them vac-packed away from smell and bacteria.

Benefit from Pacum

No more worries about space
Vacuum for lifestyle
Pack more than before
Easy to carry
Never roll again

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