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PAQ is a unique luggage guide that facilitates users to pack as much or as little as need. The device works by filling all unused space in the bag, creating a secure fit and providing cushioning to help hold items mutually. PAQ travel companions provides security, stability and reduces the risk of things being broken or shifted during flight. PAQ can roll up and fit in a small space and can be used in large bags, backpacks, duffels and more. PAQ may also report users when their checked bags have arrived.



We work, we fold, we bundle
We separate the smallest bag likely so that the bag is a tight fit and won’t have hollow space inside for things to tumble into a big mess. We take precautions. putting each item into the bag with space maximization in mind. We use packing cubes and vacuum packs, wrapping anything breakable with shirts and pajamas, zip-locking all the bottles, cover our shoes with synthetic bags to protect our clothes from dust and shoeprints, etc.

Folding, zipping, compressing, wrapping and zip-locking is not the sensuous thing to do. Plus it takes up valuable vacation time.

Some take 2 hours just to pack. My girlfriend did and we missed our flight. (A lot actually happened that day)

Some just grasp everything they need and shoulder it all into the bag. I did, and it costs me my good camera lens.

The Game Changer
Would not it be better if we can choose any bag we want, fill it up with everything we want, and never have to worry? No spill, no broken glass, no wrinkled clothes. PaQ lets you do exactly that, and more….

Packing with PaQ is simple;
1. Pick a luggage
2. Fill it with all the material you require
3. Spread PaQ over the content.
4. Push the big yellowish button (or use PaQ mobile app)
5. PaQ will auto-inflate till the bag is filled.

How PAQ Works
PaQ expands and fills any remaining space inside your luggage, creating a tight cushioning fit. The snug fit that PaQ forms hold and defend everything in the bag together through bumps and swings. So, during you get to your resort bedroom, your stuff will also get there in one piece.
How about the return trip? When our bags are so filled with souvenirs and crumpled clothes? No worries! PaQ can be wrapped to as small as a rolled T-shirt to conserve space.

Because no one wants to be that person with too many layers of clothes.
PaQ can be practiced on all varieties of bags. So, wheresoever you go, however you plan to go there, This has got you covered.
This helps protect your stuff inside a luggage/case.
This keeps your duffle bag/backpack in shape all the time.
This tracks your baggage’s whereabouts and notify you.
This does all this while requiring minimal information from you. Assuring to save you time, protects your stuff and lets you focus on your vacation.
So, the next moment you pack, just PaQ and Move.

PAQ ships with a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty covers accidental damage to the PAQ bladder and electronic malfunction. We will replace and malfunctioned PAQ Free Of Charge but will require inspection and shipping charges on accidentally damaged PAQ.

Technical Specifications :
Lightweight: The total weight is 7.7 oz
Small footprint: can be folded to 5 ×3.5 ×1.5 inches
Easy to use: just press the button and it will work by itself
Smartphone integration: Track your luggage and get arrival notification with the Chipola add-on.
Fit all bag sizes: Expand to 1200 cubic inches (20 liters)
PAQ dimension: 24”×16”

Raulf Hernes

By Raulf Hernes

If you ask me raulf means ALL ABOUT TECH!!

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