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5 Best Portable Fans for Car Available in 2022

portable cooling fans for car

Sometimes the weather is not so hot as we need to on the Air Conditioners. Then we need a portable fan for car rather than any portable ac for car or swamp cooler.

The cool air rushing through our bodies gives a pleasant experience and makes our journey smooth. It is more cost-effective than air conditioners or coolers. It consumes much less energy than both of them. Here you can find the list of the best portable fan for car.

List of Portable Cooling Fans For Car

Xool Portable Electric Car Fan

Image Credits: amazon

With two rotatable fan heads, it can blow hot air out of the car efficiently. It can provide strong wind to cool down the people or pets in the rear seats. It can be a good solution in case your cars’ air conditioning is weak or not working. Its low noise will ensure passengers a peaceful rest.

The Xool  portable fan for car is 360 degrees rotatable. It can bring coolness to the people or pets in every corner of the backseat of the car. In addition, You can change wind speeds quickly and effortlessly to maximize your comfort.

Xool car fan is perfect for removing the moisture from the interior windshield on cold or rainy days by throwing out unwanted hot air, cigarette smoke, or dust. Due to its sturdy structure and high-quality grip, it is easy to install and removable by hand.

Beegoo 12V Dual Head Car Fan

Image Credits: amazon

Beegoo 12V dual electric fans for car with dual swivel heads provide super strong wind cools down both the driver and the passengers.

Dual fan heads are 360 degrees manual rotatable and the fan holder is 180 degrees manual rotatable. It improves air circulation and air quality inside the car keeping you fresh and cool.

Two adjustable fan speeds with a low noise feature get you a peaceful journey with quality rest. It is highly energy-efficient being 12V powered. It saves energy and fuel. It comes with an adhesive base to secure the fan to the dashboard or the seat armrest area.

It is small, portable, and easy to install. With a cigarette lighter plug-in plus battery-powered feature, there is no need to have your car engine running to make the fan work.

Eluto Dual Head Portable Car Fan

Image Credits: amazon

It has dual fans with 360-degree rotation; it can effectively dissipate heat and eliminate unwanted odor inside the car. Powerful portable fan for car cooling are capable of improving air circulation and keeping the air in cars cool and fresh.

Three-speed levels and low noise can maximize your comfort and get you a good rest. Eluto cigarette lighter plug power cable is up to 5 Feet which makes the fan extremely convenient to fix to the back or front seats.

With strong adhesive stickers, it is easy to install. You can fix it easily in the front or back seats at your convenience.

Jieyao 12V Car Fan Dual Head Electric Car Cooling Fan

Image Credits: amazon

With a dual swivel head and super strong winds, it cools down the driver and the passengers at the same time. Adjustable speeds and low noise feature provides you a soothing experience while taking a rest.

360-degree manual rotatable cooling fan heads and a 180-degree manual rotatable fan holder enhance air circulation and air quality, keeping it fresh and cool.

It does not only defrost in winter in seconds but also brings strong wind in summer. It is 12V powered, thus it saves electricity and fuel, and comes with an adhesive base to secure the fan to the dashboard or the seat armrest area.

Tautuo 12V Portable Electric Fan 360 Degree Rotatable

Image Credits: amazon

Low energy consumption, low noise, blowing hot air out of the parking car immediately with two rotatable fan heads with two setting speeds make Tautuo a unique portable cooling fan for cars.

With its 360-degree rotation technic, the portable fan efficiently eliminates unwanted smoke, odor, moisture, and dust. In addition, it splits up air circulation and keeps the air in cars cool and fresh.

With high-quality adhesive stickers, the fan is secure to install in the dashboard or armrest area. Not only can it defrost the windshield in seconds but also can bring strong and fresh air in hot summer.


When we talk about portable cooling fans for your car, Xool portable electric car fans can provide you with an optimal cooling experience. With 4.3 ratings on Amazon, it tops the rating table for its innumerable unique features. It’s the premier heat buster in the market in its range.

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