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Review of Modern Literature on the Example of the Novel “Station Eleven”

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Review of Modern Literature on the Example of the Novel “Station Eleven”-GadgetAny

Review of Modern Literature on the Example of the Novel Station Eleven

Literature is part of our lives. There are millions of books you can read, books that immerse you in a distinct reality. Books that help you face new ideas and concepts and that force you to think about yourself, society, your past, or the future. There are lots of literary currents, of perspectives on life that you can read and know about. And, of course, there are books that are iconic for the literary world. Modern literature encompasses lots of books that focus on science, philosophy, and art.

And many of them choose to imagine a distinct future, to imagine how the world will be in a few years or even hundreds of years. Technology is advancing rapidly and new tools and solutions are invented every day. They make our life easy, but do they predict humanity’s doom? Station Eleven is one of the books everyone should read, even those who are not fans of the science fiction genre. What does it say about the future, but about modern literature too? Let’s find out.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Station eleven book is a graphic novel that has an essential theme: processing trauma. The main character has witnessed her family die during a hurricane that devastated their city. So, this graphic novel was her way of processing everything that happened, of processing the death of her dear ones. However, this is not the only thing that happens, as the death of humanity is one of the central themes of the station eleven novel.

After that, the flu killed almost the entire population, leaving the Earth with only a few people that struggle to live on it. If we take a look at the central themes and the main things that happen, we can easily highlight the main points in a station eleven review. We put a toll on the Earth, depleting it of the main resources it offers us. There are too many people on the planet, more than it can accommodate and we do not take care of it. Pollution, global warming, and climate change already lead to extreme weather events, just like in this novel. Station eleven is iconic for modernist literature and students might even study it in college. You might get station eleven essay prompts and start writing your paper, getting inspiration from essay samples and essay examples you can find online for free. Any free online service shares these essays with students that want to discover more about this graphic novel and its relevance to modern literature.

Modern Literature

Modern literature is the part of literature that helps us envision a future full of possibilities. Station Eleven is a book iconic and representative of this literature genre, as many other science books do. It helps us understand what would happen to humanity if we do not take care of the planet, even though the era it portrays seems far away.

However, it invites us to think imaginatively about what the future lies, about identity and culture. They invite us to explore themes of consumption, transformation, truth, and relativity. This is modern literature and Station Eleven is one of the graphic novels that teach and encourage us to do exactly this.

Final Thoughts

Literature is part of our lives and it will always be, as it invites us to think about a lot of topics and themes that are central to our lives and future. Modern literature is especially essential as it approaches themes such as truth, optimism, transformation, alienation, desire, identity, culture, and many more. The novel Station eleven is iconic for the modern literature and science fiction genre as it envisions a future we might all live in sooner than expected.

We need to understand our origins, but also what we can do to just have a better future, where we are protected and safe. At the same time, we also need to understand the culture we live in, our identities, and how these shape our view of the world.

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