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Sennheiser AMBEO AR One In-Ear Headphones

Behind every new technology, there is the sustained focus of developers and creators, who skillfully bring the visual and audio technology together. These Sennheiser’s new AMBEO AR One in-ear headphones have been specially designed to empower creators to craft experiences where real-world sound can now be blended with the virtual audio. Fully equipped to complement the mixed reality glasses from Magic Leap, these headphones will allow you to listen to a world that plays by your rules.

Sennheiser AMBEO AR One In-Ear Headphones mix real-world and practical sounds
Record song in protracted existence with a Sennheiser AMBEO AR One In-Ear Headphones. Through Transparency Hearing, these earbuds capacitate we to mix practical and real-world sounds. Additionally, a Sennheiser Ambeo Audio Lab messenger device lets we select a volume of real-world sound that we wish to add. By simply touching a button, a AMBEO AR One captures outmost sounds so we can select how most we wish to use. Additionally, a AR One in-ear headphones offer effective sealing with Comply ear tips. Expanding to charity an ideal fit for your ear canal, they retard out outmost sound so we can compensate courtesy to audio content. With a gentle and lightweight design, we can also use a AMBEO AR One to listen to song after work.

Creating thrilling, individual AR/MR experiences
The AMBEO AR One is made up of Transparent Hearing mode. At the single touch of a button, you can choose how much of the outside sound world, captured through its omnidirectional microphones, blends into your augmented audio experience. These headphones give the AR experience by replicating spatial effects with incredible realism, helping to perceive and locate virtual sounds with pinpoint accuracy. By mixing the right level of the external acoustic environment with your virtual audio world, you have the option to create truly immersive and social experiences very easily.

Protecting the privacy of your AR/MR experience
These headphones reduce distracting external noise to focus on your audio content undisturbed. Their effective sealing through the comfort Comply ear tips enables a sense of insulation and privacy. This means that you may have more control over your audio content, while also enjoying the AMBEO AR One’s deep bass.

Extending your AR/MR experience
These headphones can remain in your ear even when you have finished your spatial computing experience or development work for the day. Simply reconnect the jack plug to the compatible mobile device to extend the listening experience. The in-ear AMBEO AR One can be customized for a perfect fit thanks to a selection of individually fitting ear tips, while their lightweight ear hook design keeps them secure and comfortable.

The sound that comes alive
It is the perfect integration of sound quality and visuals. While building the device, developers kept every step in their mind that how can it become more flexible so that means working in collaboration with one of the most exciting spatial computing companies, Magic Leap. This really makes sound quality awesome and feels like music comes alive.

Sennheiser: AMBEO AR One In-Ear Headphones With Visual And Audio Technology

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