iBand: EEG headband that helps you Sleep..

Dreams and sleep play a vital role in our health and happiness. While sleep strengthens the body, dr

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U by Moen Smart Shower..

U by Moen has forever modified showering to create a personalized showering experience. Now with thr

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PlatoWork – brain stimulator..

Do you ever have times, where your brain won’t cooperate? We introducing Plato, It is the firs

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CleanseBot – World’s First B..

Do you love traveling and worried about bacteria and germs in hotel rooms? Then the Cleanse bot bact

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Listen to the Sound of Life- Stemoscope..

An intelligent, connected wireless stethoscope that lets you listen to the hidden sounds of life and

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Y-Brush: Deep Cleaning Toothbrush Within..

Impressively clean your teeth in exactly 10 seconds with the Y-Brush Deep cleaning Toothbrush. not l

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Quell 2.0: Wearable Pain Relief Kit To B..

Receiving end your life from daily nagging pain with the Quell 2.0 Wearable Pain Relief Kit. Make us

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Spire: Personalized Body & Mind Hea..

Wear your garments to track your health with the Spire Personalized Body & Mind Health Tracker.

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Back Pedal – Smarter Back Pain �..

Fix the distinguishing reason for your back, hip, and sciatic pain with Back Pedal Pain Device. Desi

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SleepBank: Frequency Technology Device H..

Enhance your quality of sleep with the SleepBank Frequency Technology Device. that includes a patent

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Flow Air Pollution Wearable Sensor..

Flow Air Pollution Wearable Sensor Subjugation the globe one deep breath at a time with the Flow Air

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RumbleRoller: Deep-Tissue Massage Roller..

RumbleRoller: Deep-Tissue Massage Roller Suddenly tend to your sore muscles at home with the RumbleR

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