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Smart Gadgets For Intelligent Parents And Healthy Babies

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Smart Gadgets For Intelligent Parents And Healthy Babies-GadgetAny

Babies are the unique gift of, but the parenting is rough, so why you do not bring home some baby gadgets designed to solve some of the more difficult moments of being a new dad or mom? Here are the intelligent smart devices for you and your babies.

1. Motorola Halo
Motorola Halo

The Motorola Halo is the fantastic baby monitor company guarantees that parents are always connected to their child with an encrypted video and audio connection to your smartphone through Hubble app. You can also use the two-way talk feature to speak and hear to your baby no matter where you are, and its infrared night vision allows you to see your baby at night, so you can watch them dream.

Soothe Them to Sleep
The Motorola Halo comes preloaded with a selection of soothing sounds, audiobooks and classical lullabies with favorites such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby, Rockabye-Baby and many more. You can download more audios, and audiobooks through the Hubble app, and even record your own!

The Motorola Halo was created with a varied design that begins with your family. Use the camera on the bed mount, while your baby is little. Once your little one moves out of the crib, detach the camera and continue using it in the nursery. The portability factor of the camera gives you the option to move the camera throughout the house. Plus, you can take it with you while you are traveling!

2. Owlet Baby Monitor

This is, without a doubt, one of the hottest baby monitoring devices talked about right now. Finally, FINALLY, someone has created a pseudo nanny to watch your baby through the night.
The Owlet is a smart sock that you can place on your newborn’s foot. It monitors pulse oximetry and heart rate to make sure your baby is alive and well at all times. It’s the same as having them in the hospital cared for by nurses at night. It links up to your smartphone and alerts you if necessary.
No more erratic trips to your sleeping child’s room to reassure yourself, again and again, that they are beautiful. You can finally get the sleep you need so that you are a better parent during the day. Your baby will be well cared for, and you can relax at long last.

3. Cubo AI: World’s Smartest Baby Monitor
Cubo AI: World's Smartest Baby Monitor - GadgetAny

Cubo AI is the face detection technology to alert to Covered Face events in real time through a mobile app, and get AI alerts you if items cover your baby’s face or if they have rolled over and can not roll back. Cubo’s danger zone alert protects your baby beyond the crib and warns you if your little one is entering somewhere they should not be! Cubo’s Cry Detection alert can let you know via your Cubo app if something’s wrong so you can rush to their side!. Cubo’s 1080p HD Sony Night Vision Lens means you can check up on them in bed without risking waking them up. Never Miss a Cute Moment with cubo, So parents do not have to hear “Aww you Missed it” again! Cubo AI automatically captures cute moments such as smiling, crying, first head lift, or first flip over, so you do not miss a thing! Get this fantastic deal from GadgetAny.

4. MiaMily HIPSTER Smart 3D hip seat baby carrier
MiaMily HIPSTER Smart 3D hip seat baby carrier

I am introducing the all-new revolutionary HIPSTER SMART 3D Baby Carrier.
This all-new fantastic carrier designed to help you to navigate your child very more comfortable. Raising a baby is overwhelming enough. Let us help you stay organized so you can focus on the essential things.

HIPSTER smart is a 3D baby carrier. A 3D baby carrier is a carrier that has a built-in 3D hip seat incorporated to the structure, and this makes all the difference.


    • Large storage pocket under the 3D hip seat for all baby essentials
    • Ergonomic in all six positions, including forward-facing
    • Changing pad
    • 3D hip seat ensures correct baby hip positioning
    • High waist belt for extra lumbar support
    • External milk bottle pocket
    • Key clip and a credit card holder
    • A loop for a pacifier clip
    • Crossable shoulder straps
    • Removable layer to keep your baby cool

Get this deal from GadgetAny.

5. Evoz Smart Baby Monitor

This is not just any smart baby monitor. The Evoz has so many different features it will make your head spin. The wide-angle HD lens allows you to see a crystal clear image of your baby day or night. No more fuzzy pictures where you can not tell what is going on.

The Evoz will send you alerts only when your baby is crying. If the dog barks or your husband snores too loud, Evoz will ignore it. The best part about this beyond the authentic image is the ability to track anything and everything.

Being a new parent makes you forgetful. No matter how organized and on top of things you usually are, you would not be as good with a new baby. Evoz can record: feeding, changing, sleeping, milestone, and temperature data for you. That’s several things you can cross off your list of things to worry about!

Its app is also beneficial for parents (especially new parents). They have expert tips, tricks, and information that you can view all while nursing your baby back to sleep. It will also allow you to view and track your data to see where you can fix any issues.

Going out of town and leaving your baby with someone? The Evoz can go with. Allow any sitter or grandparent access so they can monitor your baby with the ease you do. Get this from Amazon.

To Be Conclude
If you want healthy sleep or just some general intelligence in your parenting world, these intelligent products will get you through so you can finally enjoy a glass of wine, head to bed, and sleep soundly, knowing that these products are your backup. Above gadgets are worth to buy. Buy these gadgets and enjoy your parenting.

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