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Somiflash | Wireless 1TB Flash Drive To Restore Data

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Somiflash | Wireless 1TB Flash Drive To Restore Data-GadgetAny


Now days, an individual and technical innovators are looking for some extraordinary solution to their running issues. You must be facing a data storage issue that is the one of those issues and it’s going be the big issue for everyone because this is how we store our all the data. We face this data problem with every device whether it is phone, tablet, computer and a smart camera. You can easily come out from this problem by adding an external storage but again is a big problem of finding the right external storage device to connect with.



It won’t be always the case because I already have been through a number of flash drive and what I find is Somiflash is the world’s smartest 1Tb flash drive. It’s a revolutionary way to transfer files among your colleagues and across the office and Somiflash is currently being funded on Indiegogo.

Somiflash is giving you extra storage as well as many other benefits that you won’t believe. Here we go through the features of Somiflash so you can agree with me.


Features that will amaze you & force you to buy:

  • Somiflash has built-in USB 3.1
  • Available in three different 256, 512, 1024GB. So, you can choose according to your requirement.
  • Compatible with all kind of devices like TV, mobile, laptop, desktop & etc.
  • Acessible by upto 12 devices at the same time.
  • Small in size which makes it easy to carry.
  • Available in Red, brown and black colors and many more to shock you.

wireless & portable

It sounds like the perfect combination of technology with and amazing features. To see their campaign and to get more about the device you can head over to the Indiegogo Page. Somiflash will launch recently and you can preorder it at $109 plus shipping.

Now enjoy the advanced memory solution with your family and friends without any data storage interruption.

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