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    What is crowdfunding marketing?

    Crowdfunding marketing is a promotional tactic to raise funds before, during, and after your crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding marketing involves getting your reach to a large number of people to raise funds for your project with smaller contributions, approaching just a few wealthy investors for larger contributions. In order to increase the no of backers and pledges on your campaign, you must reach a specific audience. The audience which is willing to invest in your idea or prototype. There are multiple ways to reach these like-minded people. You must build a community for your project to spread the word to the people who sport the same niche. You can use the following steps to make your crowdfunding journey a great success:
    • Create your team. Don't go into this thinking you can do it solo.
    • Build a buzz
    • Get professionals on board
    • Use quality images.
    • Get a video made
    • Don't stoop to begging
    • Great customer service

    What is Indiegogo marketing?

    You can resort to the following technics to scale up your Indiegogo marketing. Indiegogo is the most famous Crowdfunding platform for tech-related products. As the name suggests Indiegogo marketing is advertisinging your campaign on multiple channels to get more sales or backers. Here are some proven methods to promote your Indiegogo campaign.
    • Email Marketing
    • Buying advertisements
    • Social media marketing
    • Creating an Indiegogo referral
    • Making an Indiegogo secret perk
    • Promoting products to online communities and influencers
    • Doing PR outreach
    Promoting and marketing your Indiegogo campaign can be a bit challenging. However, it is an effective way to get more exposure to your product or project. Indiegogo advertising can accelerate your fundraising efforts by adding more backers to your campaign. Gadgetany is one of the ways to drive more backers to your campaign.

    What is Kickstarter marketing?

    Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform focusing mainly on creative products like art, music, film, etc. It takes 5% processing fee. Marketing Kickstarter campaigning starts a few months before the product launch. The following steps can result in a successful Kickstarter marketing campaign:
    • Create a landing page design
    • Maximize your email sign-up
    • Spread the word
    • Use the online community as a platform to muster promotional and financial support
    • Launch social media and traditional media campaign
    • Extend outreach to journalists
    Kickstarter ads or promotions are a great way to spread the word regarding your project. Also, Kickstarter advertisement can drive heavy traffic to your project campaign. You can start Kickstarter advertising before your campaign launches. Kickstarter campaign agency includes a pool of experts who hold a wide experience running and advising successful Kickstarter projects. You can find experts for help with campaign strategy, storytelling, backer engagement and management, and more.

    How will you tell the world about your project?

    Promotion should be part of your Kickstarter campaign marketing from the very beginning. Read on for tips on spreading the word about your idea and getting people as excited about your project as you are. There are some marketing agencies that can make your project campaign a grand success. These Kickstarter marketing agencies will help with marketing, promoting, and drawing attention to your crowdfunding campaign. GAdgetany can also help you to get huge success in your Kickstarter journey. Kickstarter Marketing Services offers 360-degree marketing services. Kickstarter takes care of every step of the process completely in-house, from discovery and strategy to manufacturing social media and public relations.

    How Gadgetany is helpful to get great success in your crowdfunding campaign?

    Every month around 19000 campaigns got published only on Indiegogo. Only 10-15% ever reach their goal. Most of them lack the Marketing effect and don't know how to get to the right audience. Gadgetanyany is a community of 100K tech-related early adopters. With the help of Gadgetany we can promote your campaign to the multiple types of people who are only intrested in your specific category. which increases the chances to visit and contribute to your campaign. If you already have a campaign and looking to boost your sales. Gadgetany surely can help you.