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The best six yoga accessories to your inner yogi

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The best six yoga accessories to your inner yogi-GadgetAny

Yoga seems like some incredible superhuman show trick. Once you fall into the yogic world, however, you begin to realize that anyone is able of doing these feats of contortion. Yoga is all about resting. When you focus on your breath, everything else is just turning. You can exercise yoga everywhere and at any time. No matter where you.

Following are a few accessories that can heighten your experience:

1.  Gaiam Strength and Flexibility Kit

Yoga tests the limits of your flexibility and strength. Unless you are a devotee, there’s a good chance you are not showing up six days a week every week without a break. Even if you are a full-time yogi, every so often you need to take a break to give your body a chance to rest. If you are ill or take time off for vacation, or any other reason life throws at us, this kit from Gaiam will help you keep up your workout without yoga. I recommend at least performing a set of sun salutations to get your blood flowing every day.

2. Gaiam Rattan Meditation Chair

This piece of furniture is very much pricey for yoga but so much more than just a yoga accessory. This is a place in your home in which you can be completely comfortable, relaxed, and alert. This is your safe place. This is your wind down. If you are looking to read the full benefits of yoga practice beyond just the workout, the Rattan Meditation Chair is a must-have for relaxing like a yogi.

3. KYOMA Instructional Yoga Mat:

Get inspiration for your next move with all new KYOMA Instructional Yoga Mat. It designed to help you stretch your body without your electronic device, and the beautiful mat features many printed poses on its surface. Additionally, the mat comes with different stretching exercises to improve your versatility and help release any stress. Likewise, it offers 60 yoga poses for your yoga sequences that allowing you to flow continuously without wondering about your next move. Aside from stretching and yoga poses, the KYOMA yoga mat also comes in the Kamasutra Edition. It is made from eco-friendly materials, and the excellent yoga mat is 100% safe, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic. Likewise, the cork surface is very comfortable, soft, and anti-slip so you can always practice safely. The KYOMA comes with a lightweight rope, offering a practical way to carry it.

4. Yoga Flexer Portable Training Device:

Yoga might be all about balance, but this training device Yoga Flexer turns your practice into a full-body workout. This portable training device combines resistance and weight training, along with flexibility. It comes with resistance bands, stretching roller, fitness bar, yoga mat and handles weights – which is all held together with a zipper so you can take it anywhere.

5. Shambhala Rosewood Mala Beads:

Mala beads are a must for a rounded yoga workout. Aside from being a style statement to show your commitment to your yoga practice arrogantly, the beads help you in calculating meditations and chants without breaking your stream of consciousness. You close your eyes and start at the big dot and serve your way around the circle one bead at a time until you return to your starting point. I wear mine everywhere throughout my neck, and I have seen people (both for men and women) successfully pull them off on their wrists and ankles. How you sport the beads is up to you but gets some now.

6. 828 Leggings: The World’s First Bacteria-Fighting Leggings

Step into a new age of leggings with our new 8-2-8 Leggings, an evolution in activewear. Our new revolutionary technical fabric featuring the world’s highest silver thread-count makes this the most versatile, durable, and comfortable pair of leggings you will ever own, packed with performance-boosting details so you will regularly meet your #fitspo goals, no matter the peak, class, or challenge. It designed with flawless fit in mind, 828 Leggings includes details such as a hidden drawstring and four-way stretch that is made to be squat-proof and core-tightening from dawn to dusk. You can get it from Gadgetany.com.

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