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The Floatdeck Standing Desk Balance Board

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The Floatdeck Standing Desk Balance Board-GadgetAny

The Floatdeck Standing Desk Balance Board is just an aftermarket accessory for balance while you work. The Floatdeck Standing Balance board really designed for those people who work as the standing desk that will really help them to fight the effects of standing in one spot for long periods. This accessory helps to reduce the static pressure on your joints, hips, and back.
The drawing inspiration comes from the water droplet, the Floatdeck’s spherical base permits you for intuitive and easy balance and movement. The balancing board allows users to shift their body weight and continuously move throughout the day as long they work. This will reportedly alleviate the static pressure that may be placed on your hips, back and joints when using a standing desk for extended periods to allow for a more comfortable and health-focused very easily.

This amazing Floatdeck Standing Desk Balance Board has a roomy design that will allow you for stance sizes of all kinds and can be used with or without shoes Also, as your body intuitively balances itself, your core is engaged without you actually realizing it. to stay it stable when you step on and off, the desk balance board comes with rubber stoppers at the base ends. made from bamboo, the surface of the balance board feels good against bare feet however is also robust enough for shoes. With its extra roomy surface, the board permits your feet to move around more. Ideal for professionals, Floatdeck is answerable for homes and offices of individuals who need to include their entire body into their work.

Floatdeck Balance Board Specifications:

Details & Dimensions
• Product weight: 8.9 lbs
• Max supported weight: 250 lbs
• Product dimensions: 29.5″ x 12.2″ x 3″
• 3 years warranty

• The base is made up of powder coated aluminum
• The platform deck is made by all natural bamboo
• A phthalate-free PVC protective floor mat is provided


WORKSTATION ERGONOMICS:  By using floatdeck Standing Desk, we aim to enhance the standing experience. A workstation that promotes good desk posture, productivity, and efficiency is important. Our standing desk accessory is the perfect companion for a standing computer workstation. People who work on our balance boards have been shown to be happier, more comfortable, and more productive at work. These standing desk balancing boards can help keep you active and more comfortable in the workplace.

MADE FOR THE OFFICE OR LIVING ROOM: This rocker board and balance trainer is designed to improve balance and to add subtle movement to your workday. A Floatdeck is a great option for those looking to break free from a sedentary lifestyle by adding more movement to everyday activities. This is the perfect sit to stand desk accessory. From stand up desks, to conference rooms, to living rooms, our balance boards will keep you moving.

EXERCISE WHILE YOU WORK: Our desk exercise equipment will improve productivity and energy expenditure by 19.2% compared to sitting while keeping you focused on the task at hand. Our minimalist design is a great alternative to a treadmill desk, while still providing similar benefits. Sneak in a quick desk workout at your sit-stand workstation, home office, or living room. Our office exercise equipment allows for more movement, which means you’re actively burning calories while you work.

MAKES A GREAT GIFT: Enhance your standing workstation with our cool gadgets. It makes for one of the best tech gifts for men.
The Plane can accommodate weight up to 200-lbs.

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