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The-One: The lightest, Electric Folding Bike in the World!

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The-One: The lightest, Electric Folding Bike in the World!-GadgetAny

If you are like a lot of New Yorkers, you may face trouble locating the secure and dry place to put your bike at home. Your tiny flat has no space anymore, and the street appears to be the place bikes get left to find new owners. You may also want to ride to work, but parking is hard to find. If you try to take your bike into your building, the concierge looks at your bike as if it was a sizable wheeled rat and refuses to let you onto the elevator. You may also long to take your bike along on a trip that requires transit but cannot because of rush hour restrictions or outright bans on bicycles on trains or buses. The solution you are looking for might be a folding bike. Yes, The United City Bikes developed a motorcycle that takes urban mobility to the next level!

It is the Folding bikes can be taken with you right into your apartment, onto elevators, and into your office. This works individually well if you also cover your bike so that no one has the chance to register “bike” and react to it.

Introducing “The One” The lightest electrical folding bike in the world!

The United City Bikes proposes a Folding bike THE ONE, it also only rarely suffer the indignity of being stolen, because, for the most part, the bike does not leave your sight. No more of that anticipation and dread as you walk back to your street-parked bike: “Will it still be there today?” There is also no need to carry a heavy NYC-proof lock with you while traveling.

THE ONE is not just another electric folding bike. We have created the ultimate experience for riders by making an electric bike that is light, compact, durable, flexible and affordable.

THE ONE is one of the currently lightest folding electric bikes in the market. This bike contains more than 20 patents, is only 25 cm wide when folded, folds in less than 10 seconds and boasts many more cool features! Hell Yeah!!

What Makes This folding Bike so Light?
THE ONE made with superior patented magnesium alloy frame. This frame weighs 35% less than other premium aluminum frames on the market. Our custom-built, 250W high-speed hub motor weighs 65% of a conventional motor, at only 2 kg. High-quality materials, like our state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery cells, and our single-sided fork technology contribute towards this innovate design and its light weight of only 12.5 kg!


Why Go For “ THE ONE ” Bike?
Let’s talk about its amazing features.

Super light with the only 12.5kg!
It can be easily Foldable in just 10 seconds. Only 25 cm narrow when folded having Removable battery. You can charge it everywhere. It has a Unique design.

Super Manageable
Only 25 x 64 x 76.5cm! Almost as small and practical as hand luggage!
Extreme Light
At 12.5kg, THE ONE is the lightest, electric, “folding bike of the world!

Power Battery
Ultimate driving pleasure and full support up to 40 km range!

Water Resistant
Water- and all-weather-proof – the ideal “companion.”
for the whole year!

Electric Drive
Maximum power and high efficiency through the 250W brushless high-performance motor!.

THE ONE’s folding technology is the best on the market.
THE ONE’s folding mechanism is quick and easy, making it perfect for everyday use! Foldable in less than 10 seconds to a compact width of just 25 cm, and makes it ideal for your go-to choice for your commute (folded dimensions: 25 x 64 x 76.5 cm).
Its compact size is made possible because of its single-sided fork technology and a patented magnetic system that makes the two wheels stick tightly and firmly together. Compact and sturdy when folded, THE ONE can be conveniently carried, just like a briefcase!

Where is the Battery?
Batteries are not something you need to see – except when you are charging them. On THE ONE, we have integrated the battery into the seatpost to maintain its slim frame design. Charging stations aren’t prevalent yet, and we needed to make sure that you have the option to charge the battery without having to carry your bike up those stairs.

Just remove the seat post to take out the battery for charging, whether in your apartment or at your office. We use state-of-the-art battery cells from well-known manufacturers like Samsung and Panasonic. Take THE ONE out for a ride of up to 60 km (37.28 miles) on only one charge!

The One is totally worth of the money. The One is Fast, Flexible, and Efficient way to get around Cities. Buy now.

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