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This is Why Electric Scooters are Perfect for a College Dorm

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This is Why Electric Scooters are Perfect for a College Dorm-GadgetAny

This is Why Electric Scooters are Perfect for a College Dorm

Are you tired of parking fees, mass transit costs, and gas prices? Most students who live in a college dorm opt to hitch a ride on an electric scooter. Heading off to college is often exciting, but finding your way around the college can be daunting.

An electric scooter can be a great option for a stress-free means to get from your dorm to your classes on time. Below are the reasons why electric scooters are perfect for a college dorm.

Saves time

Do you often stagger late into class, looking like you have stumbled out of bed because you missed the alarm? An electric scooter can get you to school on time without sweating. Sometimes, you can even forget your book in the dorm room, and you really need to get it, but by the time you get there and back, the next class has already started.

An electric scooter saves you time as you can get around the campus much faster than walking. Electric scooters are a great solution for short but bright student-year trips. To have more time to travel and enjoy, students can pay for essay on EduBirdie, and the online professionals on the site will fulfill their orders quickly. Getting professional help ensures that you will score higher than the rest of the students who have struggled with writing their essays.

Convenience and portability

You can easily carry your electric scooter around. Electric scooters for adults are built with lightweight frames, and that’s why transporting them is easy. Whether carrying one to the library, college gym, or lecture hall, you can easily place them under the seat or lean them against the wall to avoid blocking paths.

Some college dorms are small, and you can hardly store something big. Maybe, you need a space to work out in the morning through a few press-ups. An electric scooter can easily be kept under the bed, especially for those with a folding system. The importance of exercising for students undeniably benefits their learning abilities. And with a bit of space, you can achieve a lot in your college dorm room.

This is Why Electric Scooters are Perfect for a College Dorm

Environmentally friendly

Most students are continuously fighting to bring more awareness to pollution’s impact on the environment. In 2019, students were seen marching on the streets demanding action on climate change. That’s why students are encouraged to use less pollutive means in school.

It’s no secret that electric scooters are the most sustainable and environmentally friendly means to class for the students who live in the college dorm. The best electric scooter can speed up to 40 mph without releasing a single pollutant into the environment. They are battery-operated and are highly sustainable options compared to cars.

Cheap to own

Not all colleges have dorms that are located near the classes. Some are far away from the college but built on the land owned by the college. This makes traveling to college expensive. While some students are lucky to have parents to support them financially, others need to work to fund their college life.
In this case, owning an electric scooter can be a cost-effective way to commute around the college or work after class. Running even the most decent scooters rarely costs a cent. As long as you can recharge it when the battery gets low, very few costs are involved. It’s cheaper than owning a car which requires additional expenses like registration and licensing.

Nor is a license or training required

To drive a car, you need to obtain a license which can be relatively expensive for most students. Learning how to drive a car takes time, and you have to meet a certain number of hours behind the wheel before hitting the road. This is not the case with electric scooters. All you need is some amount of practice and confidence.

You don’t need any particular skill; even if you have never stepped foot on a kick scooter, you can ride. Around the college dorms, you can quickly learn how to drive a scooter as the number of cars is low. Ride when there are a few people around so you can feel your electric scooter and test whether all parts are working harmoniously.


Getting an electric scooter at college can make life more exciting and easier. You will easily find your way around the campus and get to class on time. This is the most convenient and easiest way to get around the college with only a little cost involved.

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